A Visit to Greenville Cypress Preserve in Mississippi

The Mississippi River Delta ecosystem is an interesting place, teeming with life. While the people of the area have a vibrant culture and rich history, the plants and animals are worth spending time with as well. One of the most unique urban parks we’ve ever visited is the Mississippi Cypress Preserve in Greenville, Mississippi. We drove out […]

Why Go to Ireland? Kiss the Blarney Stone in Shamrock, Texas

Back in 1959 the town of Shamrock decided they needed a little luck (or a small tourist draw…) and they picked up a piece of the famous Blarney Stone. They encased it in concrete, but left it kissable! So we did. And I didn’t catch the plague like I thought I might. But I wouldn’t […]

A Day at the Dallas Zoo

Winter in Texas is crazy. Here I am on Monday, completely iced in my house. The temperature is 25 degrees, and I’m not even attempting to venture out. Thursday we went to the Dallas Zoo. It was in the 60s and absolutely beautiful. The Dallas Zoo understands this and tries to use it to their […]

Fancy Dress at the Delta Flight Museum, Atlanta

The husband and I were in Atlanta earlier this month without the kids and attended a dinner held in the Delta Flight Museum. Located at Delta Headquarters near Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the museum was redone in recent years and is pretty snazzy as an event space. I didn’t take near as many photos as I would have […]

Instagramming the Texas Panhandle

Another holiday means another visit to the Texas Panhandle. We try to vary our routes every trip to see more and more of the small town charm in this area. Otherwise, the drive can get a little boring. Here’s a few of my instagram photos from these travels! A little bit of nostalgia in Shamrock, […]