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Best Time to Travel – Utilizing the Dead Zones

When you fly standby you do best to avoid the most popular travel times.  During most of the year this means you get to the airport at the un-goshly hour of 4 am to get on the first flight of the day.  But, the winter has these magical “dead zone” periods which other travelers avoid – and we exploit.  Luckily for you, this usually means extra cheap prices on airfare, hotel and car rentals. So when is the best time to travel?

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas – Lots of people travel around the holidays, but very few travel BETWEEN the holidays.  When we lived in Minneapolis, we traveled a lot during this gap.  Why?  Because it’s freaking cold in Minneapolis!  But now that we’re in Texas, it’s not as necessary.
Best time to travel After Jan 1 and before Valentines Day – This is the time of year most people get their credit card bills from Christmas and set New Year’s resolutions to spend less, and save more.  Their temporary resolve will help you stay frugal during this time.

Remember this is winter.  Don’t hightail it up to Montana during this time unless you want to ski.  Hit the Caribbean, Mexico or the warm southwest.  Me?  I’m shooting for Arizona in January.  Meet you there?