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LeConte Glacier in Alaska – Jetboat Tour Photos

LeConte Glacier in Alaska – Jetboat Tour Photos

The highlight of my trip down the inside passage of Alaska via ferry was my stop in Wrangell.  This destination is not well known, but I found it charming.  However, when I left the town and went to see the nearby LeConte Glacier, I found that adventure to be unforgettable.

According to John Muir in The Cruise of the Corwin, the Tlingits called it “Huti [sic]” which he claimed derived from a mythical bird that produced sounds of thunder when it flapped its wings.  The glacier is known for its “shooter” icebergs which calve off underneath the water of LeConte Bay and shoot out of the water due to their buoyancy per Wikipedia.  Because of that danger, our boat never got closer than a mile from the glacier.  The sheer magnitude of the landscape plays tricks on your eyes, however.  Because of how large everything is, you feel like you are far closer than you truly are.

I took the jetboat tour to LeConte Glacier with Breakaway Adventures and I can highly recommend it.  These photos are from that tour.  I was told by the captain that often, they are not able to approach the glacier as close as we did – even as we were keeping our safe distance.  The icebergs are often much denser and block the water leading to the glacier face.  I would very much like to take this tour again with my children in tow.  I know they would love the seals and icebergs almost as much as I did.

  1. Lisa from Gone With The Family 4 February, 2013

    Beautiful photos! Seeing the icebergs and glaciers was the most memorable part of our cruise to Alaska – we were on a ship though and I would have loved to have been able to get closer on a jet boat. My daughters loved the seals that they saw floating along on the icebergs!

  2. Tonya @ The Traveling Praters 4 February, 2013

    Seeing a glacier on our cruise to Alaska was one of the many highlights of the trip. It was so beautiful and fascinating. Our ship was also about a mile from the glacier and yet it appeared so close. I love your pictures, especially the one of the seals! We saw specks in the distance and knew they were seals but I wasn’t able to capture a great photo with my camera. Thanks for linking up to the #BestoftheUSA! I’ve wanted to stop by and say hi since I met you in Dallas at the FTC!

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