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Southpoint, Hawaii

Southpoint, Hawaii

Southpoint, Hawaii is the southern most point of the United States.   It is also a very windy place, so it is no surprise that Hawaii built a windfarm (or two) here.  It is also a very beautiful place, and one I recommend visiting while on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Southpoint (or Ka Lae, as it is known in Hawaiian) is considered to be the landing point of the Polynesians on Hawaii, and is home to the first settlement and  has the longest archaeological records on the islands.

Southpoint, Hawaii is also home to a green sand beach – one of only two in the world.  It’s a little bit of a hike there, with the journey running five miles round trip.  Take a look at this site for directions and more information.  We elected not to go as we were a little unsure about how the kids would do on that long of a walk.  We will definitely head there if we visit again when the children are older and their legs are longer!

Southpoint, Hawaii

It was a great place to sit and watch the waves crash, or to walk around with the kids.  We were able to walk down to where the waves were coming in, and the children were able to play in a couple of tide pools.  Make sure and bring food and water with you, as none are available.  Bathroom facilities were available, but were of the portable variety.  Depending on how prepared you are, you could spend the whole day at Southpoint, or just a few hours.

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