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The Alliance Air Show in Fort Worth Texas

The Alliance Air Show in Fort Worth Texas

The Alliance Air Show is held each fall in north Fort Worth, Texas. Part aviation education, part thrilling air acrobatics the show is a favorite for kids and adults alike. Planes are available to tour with volunteers standing by to answer questions, and the sky fills and the entertainment begins.

Luke in a Civil Air Patrol airplane at the Alliance Air Show

Luke in a Civil Air Patrol airplane with Dad.

This year (2012) it was uncharacteristically cold. We were wearing our winter coats, and still wished we had blankets. The big seller is usually snowcones and Lemon Chills. This year, everyone had a hot chocolate in hand!

Canadian Forces Parachute Team the SkyHawks with an American flag

The SkyHawks, Canadian Forces Parachute Team

Make sure and bring protective equipment for the whole family. While my foam earplugs were sufficient, the kids needed to have over the head gear. The military jets get very loud, and nothing ruins a fun afternoon like permanent hearing loss.

USAF Thunderbirds in formation at Alliance Air Show

USAF Thunderbirds in formation

Also, make sure you have a wallet full of cash. Attendance may be free, but it’s $20 a car for parking. No food or drink are allowed in, so each drink of water and bite of food costs. Expect to have your bag searched on the way in, and have any and all edibles confiscated. Meals plus a drink seemed to be between $7 and $10.

Claire rocking her protective ear gear at the air show

Claire rocking her protective gear

We brought our own lawn chairs, but you could sit on the grass or pay for a rented seat in the “prime viewing area”. It isn’t worth the extra expense, in my opinion. But if you have very small children and are toting them around, you might not be able to carry the extra weight and bulk of a lawn chair. Know you have an option.

Torah Torah Torah Explosion at Alliance Air Show

Torah! Torah! Torah! Explosion