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Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

It is rare that I find an attraction that I can recommend without any reservations.  However, I can excitedly exclaim “you HAVE to go to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!” if you tell me you are headed to Anchorage with your children.  It’s a fantastic place you will not regret going out of your way to visit.

Elk at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

A conservation center dedicated to preserving Alaska’s wildlife, AWCC takes in orphaned and injured animals.  Whenever possible, they reintroduce animals back into the wild.  Those that can’t be released receive a permanent home at the center.

There were an amazing amount of animals for us to see – including moose.  I had somehow made it through life without seeing a moose, despite living in Minnesota where they are known to reside.  But the AWCC and their mission made it possible for me to see one up close.  Note – I have seen moose in the wild since that time.  But you never forget your first moose … or something.

There were also bald eagles, a porcupine, black bears, elk and reindeer.  It was a great time, and the children got to observe animals they don’t have access to at home.  Plus, mom and dad enjoyed it a lot too.

I can wholeheartedly recommend making a stop here if you visit the area!


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