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Fort Worth Omni Theater

Fort Worth Omni Theater

Everyone has happy childhood memories of experiences that were considered “treats” to them. I grew up in Fort Worth, and my happy childhood memories are of going to the Fort Worth Omni Theater, a round IMAX movie theater located at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

Luckily, now that we live back in Fort Worth, I can share this experience with my own kids. But, instead of it being a nostalgia item that they think is corny, it is still an up-to-date cool experience for them! The movies are updated frequently, and are still visually stunning treats of nature and science. And somewhere along the way they started playing more mainstream movies like “The Polar Express” so they can even see that at the Omni.

The main draw of the Fort Worth Omni Theater is that huge screen! You can’t miss it, it’s everywhere you look. And then they remind you preshow of how very loud it will be, as you take a look at all the speakers behind the screen. Truly surround sound!

I always loved the intro where the helicopter flies into Fort Worth. It is how every Fort Worth Omni Theater movie showing starts out. It has been updated since my youth. Warning – it can be loud and scary to little kids. If you are there during a time that the theater isn’t busy, try starting out in the “quiet room” at the top of the stairs and then moving into the auditorium after it is over. For slightly older kids, setting expectations for the movie may be all you need to do. My 6 year old daughter doesn’t enjoy the feeling of things flying at her face, where my 4 year old son thinks it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. But because she knows the main feature will likely be less “scary” than the intro, she’ll ride it out.

Ready to go check out a movie? Here’s the Omni IMAX – Now Showing List.

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