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Photo Adventure : Giant Cross in Groom, Texas

Photo Adventure : Giant Cross in Groom, Texas

While traveling down what used to be Route 66 (now I-40) in the panhandle of Texas, we saw something appear on the horizon. When we finally got to the object twenty miles later, we found it was the 19-story cross in Groom, Texas. Yes, it was a free standing, 190 foot cross located in a town with a population just over 500 people.

This is Texas, people. Everything is bigger here. Our giant crosses weigh two and a half MILLION tons.

We got out and battled the gale force panhandle winds to take a look. Around the base of the cross were the stations of the cross. Also include was the Last Supper, a Golgatha reenactment with all three crosses erected on a hill as well as an empty tomb with the stone rolled away. Thrown in for good measure were the Ten Commandments.

Don’t think you’ll be visiting tiny Groom any time soon? That’s ok. I took pictures.

first station of the giant cross in groom texas

Pilate washing his hands at the First Station of the Cross

second station of the cross, groom texas

Jesus carrying the cross in Second Station

sixth station of the cross, groom texas

Veronica wiping the face of Jesus at the Sixth Station

sixth station plaque at groom texas

Each station had a plaque describing the scene.

ninth station of the cross in groom texas

Jesus falls a third time at the Ninth Station

golgotha scene at groom texas

Golgotha reenactment with all three crosses

angel and dragon in groom texas

I’m not really sure what this is supposed to be depicting.

angel in groom texas

An angel atop the empty tomb.

ten commandments in groom texas

Ten Commandments against the backdrop of empty fields.

giant cross groom texas

One last look at the giant cross…

The giant cross has a website

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  1. Jessica 25 January, 2013

    I have actually really been wanting to go see this. I have an obsession with weird roadside attractions. BTW, we were driving past Medieval Times last week and Evan told the whole family about his experience including how “his best friend Grace was crowned Queen.” I guess he hasn’t forgotten that yet. I’m sure Grace still remembers.:)

    • Amy 25 January, 2013

      Nope, my daughter still remembers. She ran around saying “I proclaim you regular people!” for a good month after Medieval Times crowned her queen ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Cathy Sweeney 25 January, 2013

    2 and a half million tons?? WOW! I have to say .. that is really impressive. And where else would you find such a huge cross? Like you said, everything is bigger in Texas.

  3. Lisa from Gone With The Family 25 January, 2013

    Oh my, I don’t think that I have ever seen anything quite like it! I imagine it was quite the expensive endeavour for a town of 500 people as well.

  4. Terri @ Travel 50 States with Kids 25 January, 2013

    We love roadside attractions and will be going through there next summer. I’ll make a note to stop, but it sounds like unless it’s dark outside, we can’t miss it. Up here in Ohio we have a giant Jesus. First there was a Jesus statue with his arms stretched upward that people nicknamed Touchdown Jesus. Then Touchdown Jesus got struck by lightning and burned to the ground. It has been replaced with Hug Me Jesus.

    • Amy 25 January, 2013

      I’m pretty sure it has a gigantic light at night to make sure you don’t miss it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Rebecca@R We There Yet Mom? 25 January, 2013

    I have heard about this oddity and have been wanting to see it!! Thanks for telling us about it.

    And thanks for linking up this week!

  6. InsideJourneys 26 January, 2013

    2 1/2 million tons, whoa, that is huge!

  7. Tonya @ The Traveling Praters 14 March, 2013

    While I’ve seen several large or giant crosses in our travels, I’ve not seen one with an accompanying interpretation like the stations that surround the cross in Texas. Very interesting and I’d gladly take a side trip to see it.

  8. Carrie 16 July, 2014

    The statue of the angel is St. Michael the Archangel slaying Satan.

  9. Paul 20 May, 2015

    I have been visiting this Cross at Groom Texas , for over 17 years , it was built 20 years ago. when i first visited it the pavilion had not yet been built. Today I met the owner and the builder of The Cross. His name is Steve, hes a engineer, and he has visions from God on how to build this Godly, holy prayer site. Steve put most of his own money to build this multi million dollar tribute to our Lord Jesus Christ. Today the new movie thearter was open and we all watched a beautiful short movie about Jesus . The store is open everyday from 9 to 5, donations are accepted, He is building a chapel soon and he told me its a never ending project. When I left I felt like the Holy Spirit came out and thanked me. I got goose bumps on my arm and a glimps of a bright light whenever i blinked.

  10. Abby 21 May, 2015

    I Thank Paul, for giving me the opportunity to see this site, the pictures given me goose bumps as it reminds me where I was coming from, when I was growing up. The pictures depicting here, are almost similar to the reenactment of the Station of the Cross. Every year, people have altars around the city, people then walk through the city to pay homage to the station of the cross, till they meet the last station of the cross. Whoever made this place sacred he/she are blessed to share this amazing work of art, for Jesus name. Praise be to God in the highest. amen.

  11. Kim 21 June, 2016

    Two and a half million pounds not tons. It’s 1,250 tons. Just thought I’d share that ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dan 12 April, 2017

      Indeed. I thought 5 billion pounds sounded just a wee bit high.

  12. lorraine west 14 July, 2017

    my girls and i are planning a trip to the CROSS in August. if you have cafes or motels or any literature, PLEASE send to my email

  13. PAUL WEST 27 August, 2017

    From someone who has been up close to this marvel, I was awed by the size and beauty of this Cross. I began to see it from about 25 miles away on I 40 and kept looking in its direction as often as I could until I arrived at the site. A I was driving an 18 wheeler at the time I didn’t think I could find a place to park my rig so I stopped on the interstate to view it. While I was looking at the beauty of the cross, a Texas highway patrolman pulled in behind me and told me to get off the exit and just drive in to the property where I could park in the truck parking lot.
    I stayed there overnight. Every God man, woman and child should visit this place.

  14. Barbara Schuldt 20 February, 2018

    Why are there no photos of the Black angel in the tomb.? The place is awesome but people might miss seeing one of the most important statues there.