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Photo Adventure : The San Antonio Riverwalk

Photo Adventure : The San Antonio Riverwalk

San Antonio is a beautiful city with distinctive Spanish colonial flair. There is no better place to view the beauty of the city than the San Antonio Riverwalk.

Located below the normal city streets, the San Antonio Riverwalk is second only to the Alamo in terms of visitors. Originally planned due to the devastation the river created when the river flooded, the San Antonio Riverwalk in its current form has become as practical as it is beautiful. There are flood gates and a small dam that you might overlook as you eat Tex Mex and shop in the shops that line the banks.

Take a stroll or float down the river in one of the distinctive tour riverboats… you’ll be glad you did!

Bridge on San Antonio Riverwalk

Bridges are at regular intervals so that you can cross the river without going up to street level.

Ducks are all over the river!

Fall colors were still evident in early January.

The Riverwalk was lit up with millions of tiny colorful lights at night.

Christmas tree at Rivercenter Mall, one end of the Riverwalk and where the boats turn around.

  1. Kenin- The Constant Rambler 5 January, 2013

    The SA river walk is one of the best ones we’ve ever been to. It’s beautifully maintained and goes on for miles. A great time for the family, an evening jog, or a romantic stroll.

  2. Lisa 11 January, 2013

    Lovely photos! I have long wanted to visit San Antonio for the river walk and it looks like it could be a good choice for our Christmas family vacation.

  3. sere 13 January, 2013

    San Antonio is a beautiful city. I loved the riverwalk just gorgeous. Wish I could have spent more time there. It looks awesome for Christmas. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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  6. Mary 20 February, 2013

    Beautiful pictures! I hope to make it there sometime soon!

  7. Tonya 5 March, 2013

    I loved the Riverwalk when we visited San Antonio. I’m not sure if it truly is better than others, or if it holds a prominent in my mind as the first Riverwalk I remember visiting.
    Thanks for linking up to the Best of the USA blog hop. I was horrified to realize that the links weren’t showing up on my site. I wasn’t able to correct them until last night. 🙁

  8. Gale 6 March, 2013

    One of my favorite spots!

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