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My Daughter’s Royal Birthday at Medieval Times in Dallas, Texas

My Daughter’s Royal Birthday at Medieval Times in Dallas, Texas

My daughter, Claire, is a big fan of all things knights and wizardry.  She is very fond of the BBC show Merlin, and she recently changed her coveted grown-up occupation to “Girl Knight.”  When her sixth birthday rolled around, it only made sense to take her to the only place you can regularly see knights in the North Texas region – Medieval Times in Dallas.

I know the Medieval Times castle has been in Dallas since I was at least a teenager.  Despite it’s longevity, I had never checked it out.  It was also Claire’s first visit. Since Medieval Times knew it was Claire’s birthday, they helped me get Claire an awesome pink princess crown for her to sport to celebrate.

We loved the chicken, even if we had to eat it with our hands, and the names of the foods were fun.  Claire ate quite a bit, and she’s normally a little on the picky side.

Our starting entree – Dragon’s Blood Soup.

I was impressed by the pageantry of it all. We were shown the skill of the horses as well as the knights before the tournament ever began. Even the tournament was a bit of a story, with a villain and an eventual hero.

Our knight was the black and white knight.  He fought his way bravely through the other knights, and was crowned the victor at the end of the jousting tournament.

medieval times dallas knight

Our section cheered loudly for the valiant black and white knight and naturally we booed his evil enemies.

The black and white knight was not the only victor.  Claire was also crowned “Queen of Love and Beauty” near the end of the show! Oh, man.  She loved that!  She wore her tiara around for weeks and I heard her say to the rest of the family “I now proclaim you REGULAR PEOPLE!”  Insanity.

dallas medieval times

Claire’s souvenir photo folder from being crowned Queen of the Tournament.

All in all, Medieval Times treated her wonderfully and she had a great time.  It was definitely a very memorable birthday and I’m afraid it might have spoiled Claire for our low key birthday parties in the past.  I don’t know if we’ll be able to top it next year!

I think it would also be a great place to spend an evening with your family on a visit to Dallas, regardless of whether a special event is being celebrated.  That is especially true if you have a knight lover like my daughter, Claire.  It was a lot of fun and it might top the list of things your children enjoy on your next visit to Texas!

medieval times dallas

I was told it can take over a year to properly train a knight for the nightly tournament.

Besides Dallas, there are Medieval Times castles in Orlando, Buena Park, Lyndhurst, Schaumberg, Toronto, Myrtle Beach, Baltimore and Atlanta.

Website : Medieval Times – Dallas

Disclaimer : We visited the castle as a guest of Medieval Times and VisitDallas.  However, all opinions of the adventure are mine – and Queen Claire. 

  1. Jade 20 February, 2013

    I went on a field trip when I was in 3rd grade to Medieval Times in Orlando- so much fun! My cousin even worked on the show in Vegas!!

  2. Elizabeth 8 May, 2014

    What a fantastic birthday celebration!