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Potter Marsh Bird Sanctuary in Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Potter Marsh Bird Sanctuary in Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Alaska

Alaska is beautiful.  It is full of absolutely stunning scenery, and there are amazing northern wildlife to see at every turn.  Potter Marsh, just outside of Anchorage, was no exception to this rule.

potters marsh alaska


Located in the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, the area known as Potter Marsh was first created in 1917.  It has a 1,550 foot wooden boardwalk full of twists and turns through the marsh and across the water.  Not only does this allow for your best chance at viewing a variety of birds that make this sanctuary their home, but it also gives you a great view of Turnagain Arm on clear days.

Bird Watching at Potter Marsh Sanctuary

Canadian Geese Potter Marsh Anchorage

I’ll be honest.  I didn’t see that many birds.  I did see a family of geese, but that was about it.

However, when I visited I did have three children in tow.  Did I mention that these children were all under 3?  And they weren’t quiet.  At all.  I loved their energy, running up and down the boardwalk!  But it wasn’t all that conducive to bird watching.

If you are quieter than my bird watching party, you might see gulls, terns and even the occasional trumpeter swan.  Lots of birds happen past during their migrations in the spring and the fall.  It is also possible to see muskrats swimming in the water or moose on the marsh shore.

Potters Marsh Boardwalk

Rabbit Creek flows underneath the boardwalk about halfway through.  It is supposed to be a great place to see spawning salmon.  If you want a cool teaching tool to help you learn all five types of Alaskan salmon, try this handy way.

potters marsh alaska

How Do I Get to Potter Marsh?

Only fifteen minutes from downtown Anchorage, you can access Potter March from the New Seward Highway.  You will find the entrance across from the Rabbit Creek Rifle Range and directly after the Rabbit Creek exit.

Website : Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge

  1. Meg 13 February, 2013

    Haha! Three children under three and bird watching don’t sound like they would mesh well.

    Love your photos.

    • Amy 13 February, 2013


  2. Jackie Smith 14 February, 2013

    It looks like a perfect respite from the big city. Will keep it in mind – great photos.

  3. Muza-chan 14 February, 2013

    Great photos 🙂

  4. Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista 14 February, 2013

    Alaska sure looks beautiful! Looks like you had reasonable weather too.

  5. eileen at FamiliesGo! 14 February, 2013

    who would expect alaska to be so green. if we head there this summer, I’ll be certainto revisit this blog.

  6. budget jan 14 February, 2013

    A beautiful setting and a lovely boardwalk for the kids to stretch their legs on. Even if you did not see many birds it is still a beautiful place to be.

  7. Terri @ Travel 50 States with Kids 15 February, 2013

    We visited Potter Marsh too on our trip to Alaska a couple years ago. As Jan said, I think the boardwalk was a bigger hit with the kids than the birds. It was beautiful there. Great pictures!

  8. InsideJourneys 15 February, 2013

    I just realize I’ve only seen Alaska covered in snow and ice, never with such a lush carpet of green. How beautiful!

  9. Becca@R We There Yet Mom? 17 February, 2013

    Thanks for the different portrait of Alaska this week! It looks beautiful!

    Thanks for linking up!

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