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Moments of Pure Joy at Disneyland, California

Moments of Pure Joy at Disneyland, California

My whole family loved Disneyland.  We smiled until it hurt, and we were so tired at the end of the day.  It was an opportunity for the kids to be kids, and to really enjoy childhood.

The memories we made here will truly last a lifetime.  Here are a few moments of pure joy shown in the faces of my children!

Mater's Ride Disneyland

Disclosure : We were a guest of Disney during our visit to Disneyland, Disneyland Hotel and Disney California Adventure.  Despite their hospitality, my views are my own and I make all editorial decisions on this and all other articles on this site.  Also, none of my children’s smiles were coerced, and they were happy to provide them.

  1. Michele {Malaysian Meanders} 8 May, 2013

    Your kids certainly look like they’re having a wonderful time at Disneyland. I like how the castle is decked out for the holidays.

  2. budget jan 9 May, 2013

    I can imagine the smiles all round – in fact I see them in your post. Must be nice to be in the same country as Disneyland 🙂

  3. Marcia 9 May, 2013

    Disney sure knows how to entertain. Your kids’ faces show pure joy.

  4. eileen at FamiliesGo! 9 May, 2013

    it’s nice to visit Disney when they are young enough to let their imaginations run wild. it’s fun to see.

  5. Lisa Goodmurphy 9 May, 2013

    Disney is just absolutely magical at that age! We have been to Disney World many times but have only been to Disneyland once and it was on New Year’s Day a couple of years ago – I LOVED seeing all the holiday decorations – it made it even more special having Christmas and Disney together!

  6. Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista 9 May, 2013

    Since I grew up right down the street from Disneyland, I too have a lot of great memories of the park! It is fun seeing the joy in our children’s faces, isn’t it?

    • Amy 10 May, 2013

      So much!

  7. Andrea, Passports And Pushchairs 10 May, 2013

    Those smiles are fantastic, look how happy they are!

  8. Marisol 11 May, 2013

    Disney’s magic never fails. The joyful look on those little faces is just priceless.

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