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Becoming Little Botanists : Camp BRIT Review – Fort Worth, Texas

Becoming Little Botanists : Camp BRIT Review – Fort Worth, Texas

I often worry about my kids and the amount of time they spend connecting with nature.  We are a very technology driven household. While we strive to get the kids outdoors and explore America’s natural settings, I don’t always feel successful.  So when I seek out summer enrichment classes for them, I am always drawn towards science and nature based programs.  I feel very lucky that I found Camp BRIT.

Camp BRIT is a daycamp run by the Botanical Research Institute of Texas in the Cultural District of Fort Worth. The Botanic Gardens are a great setting for learning about plants, and for enjoying lots of nature fun.

Both of my children attended the Little Botanist in Training session for Kindergarten and 1st Graders. This was Claire’s second year of attendance. She attended several day camps in the Fort Worth area last year, and when asked what her favorite was she answered “Botany camp!”

The curriculum is centered around play and exploration. The kids did art projects with plants, and ate different snacks that showcased parts of the plants. During the week Luke said, “Mama! Did you know popcorn was a seed?” This is a great observation for an almost 5 year old, but I would have been prouder of him if he hadn’t just spent a full month on a corn farm with his grandparents.

camp brit fort worth texas

The campers artwork was all around the room.

The kids enjoyed the different centers. Luke said his favorite was the Sand Center, where they played in the sand with shovels and measuring cups. Claire enjoyed the Science Center, and showed me how she used scales in measuring the weight of different rocks, seeds and other nature things.

botanical gardens fort worth texas

Claire checking out the Camp BRIT Science Center.

The day is split between the outdoors and indoor learning centers, which is perfect for the ridiculously hot Texas summer.  Driving home from the closing program, the outside temperature was 106 degrees.  Kids can only take so much of that heat!

Overall I would recommend Camp BRIT, as would my children. They said they had a great time, and want to do it again next year. The cost for camp is more affordable than other options in the city, and I feel like I could quantify the educational experiences they received.

I also appreciated that they had a closing program where they invited parents to come and view the children perform songs, poems and skits that the kids wrote themselves.

Resource : Botanical Research Center of Texas’ Camp BRIT website

camp brit fort worth texas

The children in masks they made themselves.

botanical gardens fort worth texas

The kids rocking out in the closing program of Camp BRIT.