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Canada’s Park for the People – Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto, Ontario

Canada’s Park for the People – Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto, Ontario

National Parks, often called America’s Best Idea, were a great idea for Canada as well.  Very soon after the first National Park in America was established, Canada designated Banff their first National Park as well.  While Banff is well known, Canada has over 40 national parks at this time.

Even though they have a fantastic park system, the Canadian Government had a quandary.  How do you make sure the people of Canada have easy access?  A lot of Canada is loosely populated – with almost 10% of Canada’s population residing in the General Toronto Area.  While there are beautiful parks throughout the nation, are they truly close enough to be experienced by the people?  So in 2011, the Canadian government announced they’d work with the existing Rouge park and launch it as the nation’s first National Urban Park in Toronto.

I was welcomed to this unique park initiative, which is still in process, by Parks Canada.  They are very proud of their efforts – and that pride is well deserved.

Not only will you find the nature conservation of a national park, but you’ll find several different ecozones to learn and enjoy with easy access to Toronto via train, bus or car.  It is very close to the Toronto Zoo, and I think it would be great to split the day between the nature of Rouge Park and the educational fun of the zoo.

dandelions rouge national urban park

Most flowers show up in the summer, but the dandelions debut in the spring!

I saw several birdhouses inside the park, and the birds seemed to be fans!

The diversity of plants was astounding.

An easy forested walking trail in the park.

The path to the overlook in the park, which overlooks a former landfill which is now a forest.

Rouge National Urban Park has to be a paradise for birders.

Cattails along the marshy area next to the Lake Ontario beach.

Canadian geese and swans floated by me as I walked the boardwalk.

A great place to escape for a bit – without having to go out of town!

No child can ever resist a beautiful beach!

I swear this is Toronto and not the Caribbean.

Hard to believe that the city is so close to this pristine park!

Resource : Parks Canada – Rouge National Urban Park

I was a guest of Parks Canada during my day in Rouge National Urban Park, part of a larger initiative by the city of Toronto to host travel bloggers during TBEX.

  1. eileen at FamiliesGo! 7 June, 2013

    fantastic. yet another reason to visit Canada more (and there are already so many reasons!).

  2. Muza-chan 7 June, 2013

    Beautiful photos 🙂

  3. Mary {The World Is A Book} 11 June, 2013

    I wanted to do this tour but couldn’t fly in earlier. What a beautiful and diverse park! I’d love to visit this once it’s all completed. It’s wonderful how it is so close to Toronto. Love the shot of the kayaker and those plants.

    • Amy Moore 12 June, 2013

      Thanks! It was a great trip.

  4. Sophie 13 June, 2013

    National urban parks, such a great idea. Bright and beautiful photos, Amy 🙂