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Scoot Your Boots Out of Houston! – A Daytrip to Galveston, Texas

Scoot Your Boots Out of Houston! – A Daytrip to Galveston, Texas

When you are visiting Houston, you can only put up with your kids nagging you to go to the Gulf for so long.  It doesn’t matter how much culture or knowledge you pack in those little brains it seems that all they want is to hit the beach!

We were only in Galveston for a day, and a large part of that was spent outside of the city limits on the western part of the island at Galveston Island State Park.

Let me tell you, a day does not even begin to do this city justice!

We need to come back when we can spend a week finding everything charming and quirky about this coastal city.  It is still rebounding after Hurricane Ike and very much is a city of contrast. From the hard working oil rigs off shore to the funky Strand Historical District, Galveston can surprise you at every turn!

But if you only have a day like we did, there are still tons of things you can do with your family.

Things You Can Do During a Daytrip to Galveston

Galveston Texas

Shop at quirky, colorful shops in the Strand district

telephone booth red galveston texas

Explain to your children what a telephone booth is.

large chess set galveston texas

Teach the kids chess!

Watch the boats in the harbor.

Holding on tight during a bay tour! Yes, that is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt. Good eye.

Find out how we get shrimp! Dolphins were really close to the net, and hundreds of sea gulls followed the boat.

dolphin galveston bay

Watch the dolphins.  There were so many in the bay!

galveston museum

Visit the Ocean Star museum and find out about offshore drilling.

museum galvesston texas

Tour a Tall Ship at the Texas Seaport Museum.

Fish!  It was a little breezy, but this dude is decked out for ice fishing or something.

Galveston Bay Beach Texas

Let your kids play in the water! Parking in town along the beach is free.


  1. elaine schoch @ 12 June, 2013

    Galveston is great, especially in May and June – not too hot and not too cold. I think my kids enjoyed the ferry boat ride over the best. Ah, the simple things.

    • Amy Moore 13 June, 2013

      We didn’t get to ride the ferry – we just drove over the bridge. It does sound like a great idea though. There’s always next time!

  2. budget jan 13 June, 2013

    You certainly got a lot done in one day. I would like to hit the quirky shops, see the dolphins, do a bay tour and then just enjoy the ocean. I would want to go back and spend longer as well 🙂

    • Amy Moore 14 June, 2013

      It was definitely a packed morning, but the afternoon was all beach!

  3. Ann 14 June, 2013

    I was about to say that I could just watch the boats all day, then I scrolled down to the off shore drilling museum… Yeah, I need to do that. One of my favorite rides at Epcot is in Norway and it’s because it has one of those off-shore drills (can’t think of what they’re called, or are they just called off-shore drills?). Something about huge feats of engineering that are so fascinating, and since they’re off shore we never get to see them.

    • Amy Moore 19 June, 2013

      I know! They are kind of shrouded in mystery…

  4. Tonya {The Traveling Praters} 14 June, 2013

    You did all that in one day? Wow. I am impressed. My family would have made it to the beach and got stuck there. I would have gotten stuck on the bay boat tour- that looks very interesting and relaxing. I would love to visit Galveston and we’ll definitely plan to spend more than a day.

    Oh, one more thing. I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt. 🙂

    • Amy Moore 14 June, 2013

      Oh, I’ve learned not to do the beach first. The beach is always in the afternoon. Otherwise, nothing else will happen but that 🙂

      I was surprised TMNT are making a comeback but at my house they are all the rage in the the 4 – 6 year old bracket.

  5. Becca 14 June, 2013

    Love your daytrip to Galveston – it’s such a great city!

  6. Lisa Goodmurphy 14 June, 2013

    We couldn’t believe all the dolphins that we could see in the harbour as we sailed away on our cruise out of Galveston! It seems such a great place to visit – wish we would have had more time.

    • Amy Moore 15 June, 2013

      I was surprised, too! Texas isn’t really known for dolphins – but they were all over the Bay!

  7. Cheryl McCann 15 June, 2013

    Like the pictorial collage of places to see. Good job!