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A Day of Farm Fun at Homestead Farms in Fort Worth, Texas

A Day of Farm Fun at Homestead Farms in Fort Worth, Texas

I think it is important for children to understand where their food comes from.  While we have a garden at home and they understand how we grow vegetables, I wasn’t sure if they were fully understanding the connection between animals and meat and dairy products.

It is also important for me to get the kids out to experience things first hand, instead of just read about them in books.  In books all barns are red, the cows and chickens wander about the yard and the farmers drive their tractors home at night.

So, I jumped at the chance to take the kids to a Farm Fun day at Homestead Farms.  I think it is a great idea for homeschooled kids and public school students alike!

Girl holding a baby goat at Homestead Farms in Keller Texas

Claire holding a baby goat.

Girl looking into chicken coop at Homestead Farms in Keller Texas

Checking out the chicken house.

Boy milking a goat on Homestead Farms in Keller Texas

Luke learning how to milk a goat.

Broccoli and onions growing in the field of Homestead Farms in Keller Texas

Take a look at their vegetable crops!

Girl touching vegetables grown hydroponically at Homestead Farms in Keller Texas

Learning about hydroponic gardening

Farm fun class at Homestead Farms in Keller Texas

Lots of farm fun!

Where is Homestead Farms?

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Need more info?  Visit Homestead Farms in Keller – Farm Fun

  1. Muza-chan 18 July, 2013

    A great place for kids… and for me too..

    • Amy Moore 18 July, 2013

      It was a great place. First time I had seen a baby goat! I’m a city girl!

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  3. wesley campbell 14 June, 2017

    I have a 5 year old little how wants to go to a farm now for 2 or 3 mo. they were learning about farms in school I would like to bring her out and let her see what go’s on I think it would do my wife and myself so good also please give me a call at 8174435860 or e-mail me

  4. Esther Poirier 5 September, 2017

    Do you do Hay rides?

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