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Highway 45 Pitstop – Ginormous Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville, Texas

Highway 45 Pitstop – Ginormous Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville, Texas

When I say ginormous, I mean GINORMOUS.  This statue is 67 feet tall.

If you are approaching the statue from the north, you have to exit far before you see the statue.  Don’t worry, there are signs.  We winded and wove through the feeder road to the visitor center.  You can’t see it from the approaching road.  You can’t see it from the parking lot.  You can’t see it from the visitor’s center.

At this point, your family will start questioning you.  They’ll start saying that the statue is smaller than you think and that this stop is going to be lame.  You tell them to trust you, but they’ll look skeptical.

Huntsville Texas

The Sam Houston statue visitor’s center and surrounding trees

Walk beyond the visitor’s center through a little forest of trees.  Check out the strange disembodied head as you go.  I’m sure there is an explanation as to why it was placed beside the path, but I couldn’t find it.

sam houston head huntsville texas

You’ll hit a clearing and BAM!  Sam freaking Houston.  Huge.  White.  Awesome.

The head that made the cut.

Funny story about the Sam Houston statue.  In 2000 I was sleeping in the passenger seat of a fast flying Camaro cruising from Houston to Fort Worth.  Something woke me up with a start, and I was right beside this huge statue.  For a good five blurry seconds I was pretty sure it was the second coming.  Nope!  Just the huge statue is one monocle short of being Mr. Peanut’s twin.

Ant children for scale

The sculptor was David Adickes.  Besides honoring one of the great men of Texas history, the statue gives Huntsville a little flair.  You see, Huntsville is primarily known as the city with the maximum security prison with more executions per year than any other in America.  I don’t know about you, but I’m glad there’s something else in the city to look forward to on the drive.

Don’t forget to swing on the visitor’s center Southern-style wrap around porch!

  1. Marcia 12 July, 2013

    I’m glad you included the photo with your kids. Sam freaking Houston is definitely ginormous!

  2. Amanda 1 January, 2017

    There is also a Stephen F. Austin statue in Angleton, Texas on 288 south of Houston. It is made by the same sculptor. If ever that way – after seeing it you can continue on to the beach at Quintana or Surfside.
    Here is Roadside America’s posting on it: