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All Hail the Power of Niagara Falls, Ontario

All Hail the Power of Niagara Falls, Ontario

If you look at the bucket lists of any North American traveler, Niagara Falls has to be on it. It may not be the largest waterfall in the world, but it is definitely one of the most famous. The size and intensity of water flow has made Niagara Falls a place that draws travelers to visit.

Lots of people use their honeymoon as a reason to knock Niagara Falls off their list. Not me. I opted for Oklahoma City in an ice storm. But that’s another story for another day. My first visit to Niagara Falls was with G Adventures this summer, and I am very glad I made it.  It showcased the sheer power of nature – and it was beautiful.  I can’t think of any other place I’ve been that came close in that respect.

The Three Waterfalls That Make Up Niagara Falls

Before I visited, I knew there was an American side and a Canadian side, but I didn’t realize there were three separate waterfalls that made up Niagara Falls. The three waterfalls are American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Canadian “Horseshoe” Falls. I found American Falls to be the most impressive. Canadian is the largest, and supposedly coolest, but all I could ever see was large clouds of mist. When I tried to get anywhere near it, it was like it was raining heavily! But I could clearly see American Falls all four times I went to view it.

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American Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Canadian Falls – often referred to as Horseshoe Falls

Niagara Falls at Night

At night the falls are illuminated.  What this means is that they shoot colored lights from a building on the Ontario shore onto the falls.  This makes them appear to change colors at varying intervals.

I believe they illuminated Horeshoe Falls as well as the other two, but it was hard to tell through all the fog and mist.

American Falls lit up in the colors of the rainbow.

Standing directly under the lights, you can see the beams being shot from overhead onto the falls.

Take a Look at the Power of Niagara Falls!

Reflecting on my visit, I think that childhood has to be the best time to visit Niagara Falls. Everything is larger when you are small, so Niagara Falls would have to be HUGE to a kiddo. I can’t wait to plan a trip there with my children.  Even showing them this video is inadequate for them to truly understand the power of the rushing water and the majesty of nature present at the falls.

The City and Attractions of Niagara Falls, Ontario

People come from worldwide to view Niagara Falls… then what?  They are waterfalls.  You can only look at them, boat under them and walk behind them for so long.  If the city planners were going to get tourists to stay, they’d have to create some other attractions.

So over the years, Niagara Falls added man made attractions.   To “impractical me”, it is always sad when natural beauty is commercialized.  I hate that man has to build tourist infrastructures to make all the money possible off of something that should be admired for its natural state.

But Niagara Falls couldn’t support near as many visitors as it does each year without the tourist infrastructure – and everyone should visit Niagara Falls.  So “practical me” has to take a moment and really step past that immediate thought.  When you do that, you can really evaluate the attractions on their own.  Niagara Falls is a place for great family fun, and bonding.  That’s what family travel is all about, right?

The Niagara SkyWheel.  This is a lifelong memory-maker right here.

There are tons of places on the main strip to duck into and spend time as a family.

This is, sadly, the only moose I saw in Canada.

Great Author’s Quote About Niagara Falls

It is often impossible to go to a place as powerful and highly visited as Niagara Falls, write about it and feel I did it justice. However, over the years many authors far greater than myself have visited Niagara. Here is a quote from my all time favorite writer :

It was a miserable day; chilly and raw; a damp mist falling; and the trees in that northern region quite bare and wintry. Whenever the train halted, I listened for the roar; and was constantly straining my eyes in the direction where I knew the Falls must be, from seeing the river rolling on towards them; every moment expecting to behold the spray. Within a few minutes of our stopping, not before, I saw two great white clouds rising up slowly and majestically from the depths of the earth. That was all. At length we alighted: and then for the first time, I heard the mighty rush of water, and felt the ground tremble underneath my feet. — Charles Dickens

Resources : Niagara Parks’ Facts and Figures Page
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Disclaimer : I was a guest of G Adventures during my trip to Niagara Falls as part of the Quebec and Ontario Explorer tour.  But the opinions and experiences are all mine… and Charles Dickens’.

  1. Muza-chan 4 July, 2013

    Amazing photos 🙂

  2. Sophie 4 July, 2013

    I’ve been to Niagara Falls (only to the Canadian side), and though the falls are beautiful (most water falls are), I thought the town was a bit shoddy. with casinos and Billboards and… This was many years ago, though, so the town may have improved greatly since.

  3. Marcia 4 July, 2013

    I visited the Falls in the 70s when I lived in Canada and have fond memories of it. It was the first waterfall of its magnitude I’d seen and it was impressive. One of these days, I’ll go back to see how it’s changed over the years – maybe I’ll try the American side and see it at night. Love the lights!

    • Amy Moore 4 July, 2013

      I wish I would have walked across the bridge to the USA while I was there, it just didn’t seem like it would be worth going through customs twice. It looked like it was easier to get to American Falls than it was to get to Canadian Falls.

  4. Marisol 4 July, 2013

    Hi Amy, your photos of the fall are so stunning. They look so alive. I can hear the roaring sound and feel the mist from the fall.
    I’ve seen the fall on both American and Canadian side. I remember the Canadian side having a better viewpoint. I’d love to see it at night next time I visit.

    • Amy Moore 4 July, 2013

      Yeah, it was definitely worth going out and taking a look at night – especially of American Falls from the Canadian side. I recommend it 🙂

  5. Jackie Smith 4 July, 2013

    Your photos give such life to the fall. We visited many years ago and I don’t recall them being so spectacular. Happy Fourth!

  6. Lisa Goodmurphy 4 July, 2013

    Love your photos! We visit Niagara Falls a couple of times a year because it’s only about an hour from our home but I have never seen the falls at night all lit up. We avoid the Clifton Hill attractions when we’re in the area. If you get back with your kids then take them to the Butterfly Conservatory which is a lot of fun. We also love charming Niagara-on-the-Lake which is just a short drive away and there are a number of historical sites around many pertaining to the War of 1812 that are both fun and educational.

    • Amy Moore 5 July, 2013

      Yes! I hit Niagara-on-the-Lake too, but unfortunately didn’t get to make it to too many of the historical sites. I did see American soldiers “occupying” the town, however 🙂

  7. noel 4 July, 2013

    That was a fun tour, loved seeing the falls at night tour and the video- it’s been too long for me.

    Wanted to invite you to a Monday photo linkup called Travel Photo Mondays on my blog, come and join us on Mondays.

  8. budget jan 4 July, 2013

    I was so glad we went to Niagara Falls. My favourite was the horseshoe falls. But I enjoyed all three from the Maid in the Mist. I personally did not l ike the attached tourist town, but I can see it’s value with children along. You did it all justice with your photos.