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Summer Adventures at Fair Park – Dallas, Texas

Summer Adventures at Fair Park – Dallas, Texas

There’s something new this year in Dallas! Summer Adventures at Fair Park has taken the empty space used for the Texas State Fair each fall and made it into something fun.

Something big that struck James and I about Summer Adventures is that the employees were great. It was hot when we were there, but each and every one of them had a smile on their face and cheerfully talked with us and the kids. Who ever did the hiring did a really great job. I mean, it was Disney quality happiness people!

As parents of younger children, Summer Adventures is a great alternative to Six Flags. There were few things that they were too short to ride, which is a huge consideration. It usually makes or breaks the entire experience. Bottom line – The kids had non-stop fun while they were there, and didn’t want to leave – despite the high temperature.

Which brings us to the fact that Texas is hot. H-O-T. While we’ve had a milder than average summer, it is still pretty warm out there. At every turn it was evident that Summer Adventures took the heat into consideration. All throughout the park there were places to get out of the heat, and plenty of shade to go around. There were also several water features/rides that the kids could run around in to get wet and cool off. They gave us all a free bottle of water to help us keep cool, but after that we could refill our water bottles from the water fountain (it was cold water in the fountain – I swear!).

For $15 bucks a person (the admission is half priced until the park closes! ┬áSee “Nitty Gritty Details” below), visiting Summer Adventures is a must.

Tips and Tricks

Tip # 1 – If it is even a little hot, skip the Texas SkyWay. There’s not a lot of ventilation and it felt like being in an oven you couldn’t get out of. You have to ride the return trip as well, they won’t let you get off at the halfway point where the gondola loops around.

Tip # 2- Don’t buy credits at the automated machines. To buy drinks or food, you have to buy cards containing credits. That would have been fine, but the machine errored on me and didn’t put the full amount on it. I went to the customer service station (across the park) and they gave me an additional card to make up for the amount I was shorted. After walking back to the food kiosk I was buying lunch at, I found that the card didn’t actually work and I had to walk back AGAIN. Save yourself the hassle, and buy it from the booths where there are live people conducting the transaction.

Tip # 3 – There is an air conditioned building to eat in near the Midway/food area. Use it!

Summer Adventures = Summer Fun

roller coaster summer adventures fair park dallas

Lots of rides – from thrilling roller coasters to kiddie rides.

Kids in a hammock in Fair Park Dallas

There are lots of places to cool off throughout the park.

The kids might want to wear swimming attire – lots of water. Rashguards and shorts worked well!

I’ve never seen this before – free sunscreen stations. Fantastic idea!

Girl sitting next to a shark in Dallas Texas

We spent a lot of time in the Children’s Aquarium – which is included in the admission price.

children's aquarium dallas

There were two touch aquariums! Have you ever petted a Manta Ray?

There was even group karaoke!

The Nitty Gritty Details

We spent 6 hours at Summer Adventures in Fair Park and we barely scratched the surface. Here are some of the other things there : Swan Boat Rides, Butterfly Garden, African American Museum, Log Water Ride, Sandcastle building (which is air conditioned!), BMX Bike Shows, Dog and Cat Show, roaming performers, kiddie rides, and lots more!

The price is really reasonable for what is available. Right now until the park closes on August 18, the admission is half-priced at $15 a ticket. It is worth it!

Summer Adventures – website

Where is Summer Adventures at Fair Park Located?

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Disclosure – We were guests of Summer Adventures during our visit.