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Photo Adventure – A Rainy Morning in Old Town Quebec City

Photo Adventure – A Rainy Morning in Old Town Quebec City

Despite our domestic travels, I have very little foreign experience.  I had been to Canada a few times when I lived in Minnesota for daytrips, and of course I was in Spain last October.  But, as a little gal from Texas, hearing Spanish around me is something I’m pretty comfortable with.  French?  Completely a different story.

I was really looking forward to visiting Quebec City.  I’ve heard it called the “most European city in North America.”  I have to agree with that.  It was a beautiful city full of history and grace.   It was clear why it is designated a UNESCO World Heritage City.

Luxurious French filled the air around me, but quickly switched to English if I followed my “Bonjour!” with my native tongue.

It was easy to see that Quebec City is a vibrant city full of festivals and fun.  However, the few days I was visiting, the heavens opened up and the rains came down.  I didn’t have the luxury to wait it out, so I ran for the Old Town portion of Quebec City when the rains lightened into a shower.  During the rain, the city feels charming and quiet.  I think I caught a glimpse of it that many visitors will never see.  I’m glad she shared it with me.

Old Town Quebec City Street Art

Silver and Gold Roofs in Old Town Quebec City

Girl with Umbrella in Old Town Quebec city

Shops in Quebec City Old Town

Fairmont hotel frontenac in Quebec City Old Town

Shops in Old Town Quebec City

During my trip to Quebec City, I was a guest of Quebec City Tourism

  1. Lish 18 September, 2013

    Wow! I had no idea Quebec was so beautiful! It really looks European (which I love:).

    • Amy Moore 27 September, 2013

      I think you’d really like it. It is pretty walkable if you stay in the right area. There are tons of festivals during the summer months as well.

  2. Kiera @EasyTravelMom 18 September, 2013

    I too have heard wonderful things about Quebec City and have never been! My list of places to go NOW is getting too long as your pictures make me want to fly there tomorrow! Beautiful!