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Photo Adventure – Prescott, ON and Fort Wellington : Party Like It’s 1812

Photo Adventure – Prescott, ON and Fort Wellington : Party Like It’s 1812

During my month long visit to Ontario this summer, one of my favorite parts of the trip was a short roadtrip in the 1000 Islands area along the St. Lawrence River. I visited Thousand Islands National Park, and explored some of the historical sites along the way. This area played a pivotal role in the War of 1812, a war often forgotten in the US but well remembered by Canadians.

One of the most interesting stops was Fort Wellington National Historic Site. Built during the War of 1812, the goal was to use it to defend the important shipping route along the St. Lawrence River from US attacks. Today, the site interprets the history of the area and the tactical reasons for the extensive fortifications of the site. I was lucky enough to visit during one of their special 1812 demonstrations and got to check out the festivities.

Prescott Lighthouse Storm

I had to stop at the lighthouse in the town of Prescott on the way to Fort Wellington.

Fort Wellington Cannon

A lone cannon at the Fort.

Fort Wellington Visitors Center

The exhibits inside the visitor’s center were all in English and French.

Fort Wellington Ontario

1812 era wooden British Gunboat found at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River is on display.

Pose as manly men at the special 1812 display.

Prescott Ontario

Soldiers taking a break in style near the parking lot as the past and present collide.

Cannon Fort Wellington

The smoke clears after firing the cannon.

Fort Wellington Ontario

Going deeper into the fort.

Fort Wellington Recruits

I don’t know if the recruits are getting younger, or if I’m just getting older.

Fort Wellington Ontario

The fortifications at the Fort are extensive, and interesting to explore.

For more information :
Website Fort Wellington National Historic Site : Parks Canada

Disclosure – During my visit to Fort Wellington, I was a guest of Parks Canada. I like to pretend that they put on this show just for me, but I’m pretty sure they would have done it regardless. 🙂