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A Photo Journey Aboard the Portage Glacier Boat Tour, Alaska

A Photo Journey Aboard the Portage Glacier Boat Tour, Alaska

Located on the Kenai Penninsula, the Portage Glacier is very easy to access from Anchorage, Seward and Whittier.  Located in Chugach National Forest, it is viewable by taking a Portage Glacier Boat Tour by climbing on board the mv Ptarmigan and crossing Lake Portage.

The last time I checked out a glacier on a boat tour was in Wrangell, which is in the Inside Passage.  That was a jet boat.  This was a larger boat, and not nearly as intimate.

It is pretty chilly on the boat.  Even in the height of August, I was cold wearing my winter coat.  Now, it’s a Texas winter coat and not an Alaskan parka, but it usually keeps me pretty warm.  Consider a hat if you don’t have a hood, especially for the kids.  They spent quite a bit of time below deck, which was fine.  There are large glass windows so that you can see the glacier from every angle.

For Alaskan prices and the location, the Portage Glacier Boat Tour is very affordable.  At $34 for adults and $17 for kids, this is one of the bargain ways to see a glacier.  The only bargain better is the totally free Byron Glacier hike next door.  Definitely do this whether you do the Portage Glacier Cruise or not.  They are two very different experiences, and both worth the time and money.

Iceberg in Alaskan lake with fog

Crossing Lake Portage, we happened upon an iceberg.

Up close to a blue iceberg in Alaska

The captain took us all around the iceberg. It was pretty awesome to examine from all sides.

Alaska Portage Glacier waterfall

A waterfall created by glacier run-off.

Alaska portage glacier boat tour

Our first unobstructed view of Portage Glacier as we sail closer.

children on a boat next to a glacier

The kids really enjoyed the Portage Glacier Boat Tour

Portage Glacier Close Up Photo

The tour takes you very close to the glacier face.

Portage Glacier Boat Tour

The glacier just sort of crept all over the surrounding rock.

Portage Glacier Boat Tour Alaska

While the lower portion of the glacier was in view, parts of the upper face were obstructed by fog.

Portage Glacier up close photo spikes

The kids loved the glacier spikes.

Alaska Glacier Boat Tour

One last look at Portage Glacier before we return to port.

For more information and sail timetables, see the Portage Glacier Cruises website.

  1. Muza-chan 10 October, 2013

    Amazing photos 🙂

  2. Marcia 10 October, 2013

    I wouldn’t have expected it to be that cold in August either but then again there’s all that ice around. Your kids are real troopers.
    Really beautiful photos of the glacier. You’ve made me want to see them.

    • Amy Moore 11 October, 2013

      I love a lot about Alaska, but the glaciers are by far my favorite!

  3. noel morata 10 October, 2013

    Its a very strange looking blue, love seeing all the cool blue even though it was summertime!

  4. eileen at FamiliesGo! 11 October, 2013

    Very cool! glad the little ones enjoyed it. the first iceberg photo is deceptive. its looks small!

  5. Michele {Malaysian Meanders} 14 October, 2013

    I didn’t realize you could that close to the glaciers. Most photos that I see of Alaska glaciers are taken from cruise boats far away. I think I’d prefer your way. Speaking of coats, I just bought one in tropical Malaysia for our Tibet trip. I hope it actually works at keeping my boy warm.

  6. Nikki 5 November, 2013

    Amazing photos!!! Those glaciers are spectacular!

    • Amy Moore 6 November, 2013

      Thanks, Nikki! It was a pretty awesome experience!

  7. Ross 19 November, 2013

    Super photos. I have always wanted to head to Alaska before seeing this. It just wants me to go more.

    • Amy Moore 21 November, 2013

      Alaska has so much beauty. Majestic rugged mountains and awesome wildlife are big pulls for me, but the glaciers are so different from anything I get to see on a daily basis in Texas. I love them.

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