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Instagraming West Texas – Instagram Travel Thursday

Instagraming West Texas – Instagram Travel Thursday

West Texas is such a large, vast area which includes both the panhandle and the actual western part of Texas.  While there are some beautiful mountains around the El Paso area, a lot of the landscape is flat and dusty.  There’s a lot of agricultural land in the Panhandle, and every time I come through I find myself Instagramming what I find.  Enjoy this small collection of photos, then check out what other travel bloggers are sharing through Instagram.

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  1. Susan (@VibrantIreland) 17 October, 2013

    Wow, what a difference to what I’m used to here! Stunning, though. And I wonder what it is about ‘ruins’ that make them so oddly beautiful- like your photo of the rusted decaying truck in Texas, or the photos so many visitors take of the crumbling stone buildings here in Ireland… Fab shots in your post, Amy!

  2. Leigh Powell Hines 17 October, 2013

    I am so glad you linked up with us this week. What beautiful photos! I’m trying to pick a favorite, and I think it may be the first one. It just looks so wide and expansive….just what one thinks of Texas.

  3. Reeta @houseofanais 17 October, 2013

    Lovely to see Texas photos from outside the big cities. Great to have you participating in the IG Travel Thursday also!

  4. Farrah 18 October, 2013

    I feel like you’ve really captured Texas so well in your pics! I feel how large it is— and warm with the sunny blue sky 🙂

    • Amy Moore 18 October, 2013

      Thanks! While it is all warm and sunny, there’s lots of different parts of it. It is hard to really grasp how big the state is!

  5. Satu VW / Destination Unknown 18 October, 2013

    Beautiful images! I love that kind of vast open landscape, it is so different from what we have here in Norway. And those red mountains, phew…