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Photo Adventure – Being Seduced by Montreal

Photo Adventure – Being Seduced by Montreal

Montreal was a little intimidating on the surface.

Not only is it a larger city full of history and culture, but even communication was a concern. French is the primary language of the city, and beyond “Oui” and “Bonjour” I am hopelessly lost in the language of love.

Every once in a while I get to hit the road without the family. When traveling solo, my fast moving travel style usually gives me only a glimpse at a city before moving on. It unnaturally forces a place to try to show me all it’s tricks in one quick swoop. It lets me see many different things, but I rarely move beyond the superficial and get to know the personality within.

But with Montreal, I slowed down and was able to take my time. I spent about a week there, and I was able to slowly peel back layer after layer of the city.

I loved hearing French as I explored every inch of the city I could. Anyone I met would drop into English quickly after they realized my flaw. For the first time, I wished I knew enough French that they didn’t have to.

The Old Town area was what sealed the deal. I could feel the energy of those that had walked the streets before me. Montreal is so close to my home – yet in Old Town, it felt worlds apart.

Montreal captivated me.

Montreal seduced me.

The gothic Notre-Dame Basilica

Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours across from the Old Port

The Montréal Insectarium

Colorful Beetle Display at the Insectarium

Montreal is the city of festivals! The French language music festival “Les Francofolies”

Amazing plant art at the Montreal Botanical Gardens – click here to see more.

The Poutine flavors are endless.

There’s a lot of old world charm in Montreal.

Rental bikes are inexpensive and handy ways to stay outdoors while getting around the city.

Mixed into historic buildings are quirky art installations.

Even the large buildings have lots of charm.

The interesting architecture of Montreal Olympic Stadium.

The many colors of Montreal at night.

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  1. Leigh 30 October, 2013

    You have done a splendid job of capturing Montreal. Wonderful photos. I’m hoping for a trip in January – where I’ll see a whole other side of the city covered in snow.

    • Amy Moore 31 October, 2013

      I’d really like to go there and see what the city is like in the snow. With the mass transit being as good as it is, I bet it is still very easy to get around.

  2. Sharon 31 October, 2013

    That looks and sounds fabulous – love the shot of the beetles and the abbey road rip off!!
    If only it wasn’t so cold there in winter, maybe i would be able to slip it into our upcoming trip to North America

  3. Muza-chan 31 October, 2013

    Beautiful photos 🙂

  4. Beatrice 31 October, 2013

    I live here and I have never seen the Beatles crosswalk! Where was it?

    • Amy Moore 31 October, 2013

      Right by the Pointe-à-Callière across from the Old Port. They have a special Beatles exhibit going until next spring!

  5. Anwar 31 October, 2013

    Love the photos! Montreal is so beautiful. I went there a few times as a kid and my most recent trip was the previous winter! It was so darn cold but still really incredibly beautiful. I’d love to get back there when the weather is nice such as in your photos 🙂

    • Amy Moore 4 November, 2013

      I saw a lot of kids there. It seemed to be that schoolchildren did a lot of traveling to the larger cities in Canada. Was it a school trip, or did you go with your family? It is a beautiful place.

  6. Michele {Malaysian Meanders} 2 November, 2013

    I would love to visit Montreal some day, but I didn’t know what exactly there was to do there. From your post, it seems like I would definitely never be bored. That photo of the Chapelle silhouetted against the yellow sky is particularly striking. I think my kids would enjoy the Insectarium, and I never knew there were so many flavors of poutine.

    • Amy Moore 4 November, 2013

      Stay away from the Pogo Poutine. Basically, that’s corn dogs in cheese, gravy and with fries. Oh my it was salty and gross. Turned me off poutine for quite a while.

  7. Marisol@TravelingSolemates 3 November, 2013

    Hi Amy, I’m yet to make it to Montreal. My husband and I always like to go there but every time we plan to do so we always end up going somewhere else. I guess its proximity to NY make us take it for granted a bit, thinking that we can always go there later. But then as your lovely photo essay show, it definitely an amazing destination and we should really seriously plan for a visit. Enjoyed all your photos, but my favorite is the Notre Dame shot – so stunning and artistic.

    • Amy Moore 4 November, 2013

      Notre Dame is a beautiful church!

      We always take the places that we are closest to for granted and head off to the ends of the earth, don’t we? 🙂