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Top Five Reasons You Should Stop Avoiding Iowa in Your Travels

Top Five Reasons You Should Stop Avoiding Iowa in Your Travels

I asked around when I was in Iowa.  Turns out, family members don’t like to visit their loved ones in Iowa.  There’s this preconceived notion that Iowa is a boring destination that isn’t worth the time or money to go to – even if their family lives there.


Do you have any idea what you are missing out on?

Sure it is smack dab in the middle of “flyover country,” but there’s a lot more to this state than what is hidden beneath the clouds en route.

Corn and Other Agriculture

Cornfield in Iowa

Corn? Yeah, Iowa’s Got It.

Dude, there’s corn in Iowa.  Lots of corn.  Even though there’s a lot more to the state, don’t discount the corn!

There is corn in everything.

I ordered some egg drop soup once in Iowa.  Yep, there was corn.

Iowa proudly grows more than just corn, though.  In the summer there are festivals all over the state, most of them involving food or agriculture of some sort.

In the fall, there are pumpkin patches, apple picking and corn mazes.

Literary Destinations

iowa as a travel destination

One of the Bridges of Madison County.

There’s Winterset where you can visit the Bridges of Madison County.

Iowa City is known for their writer’s workshops. Tons of writers, including names like Kurt Vonnegut, have come to Iowa City to toil away at their poems and novels. It is actually a UNESCO designated “City of Literature,” and it is the only such designated city in North America.

Oh, I don’t know if you ever heard of a little book series called, “Little House on the Prairie,” but Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in Burr Oak and has a museum dedicated to her there. If you are into that sort of thing.

Des Moines

It’s a proper city, with zoos and museums and gold topped capitol buildings.  There’s a sculpture park, and baseball stadium, and a symphony.  There’s lots to explore.

There are a lot of parks and green areas in Des Moines as well.  Great place to get out with your family and enjoy the warmer months!

The State Freaking Fair

Iowa State Fair

You Don’t Want to Argue with a Wagon, Do You?

Every summer, one of the most magical events in the world happens.  And it happens in Iowa.

Iowa’s State Fair is the best in the nation.  Coming in a close second is neighboring Minnesota, but Iowa still wins the #1 fair butter sculpture.  All you fellow Texans need to shut up.  Our State Fair doesn’t even come close.

Quirky Destinations

mason city macnider museum

Puppets from the Sound of Music? Of Course, they are in Mason City, Iowa.

Like the good movie said, if you build it, they will come.  And Iowa took that literally.

In Iowa you can visit the Field of Dreams cornfield and ballpark up in Dyersville.

If you are sci-fi inclined, you can also visit the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk.  You see, he won’t be born until March 22, 2228.  But little ole Riverside, Iowa is sure he’ll be born in their tiny town.

More of an art lover?  Visit the American Gothic house in Eldon.  It is BYO-Pitchfork though if you want to recreate the painting.

iowa sunset rainbow

Iowa Also Has Sunsets Like This. Gorgeous Sunsets Like This.

So what do you love about Iowa?  Or are you going to be hardheaded and still write off the state?

  1. Le 21 June, 2014

    Wow!I never realised some of this and I live in Iowa.That is so cool(the Kurt Vonngut one)!