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Where Do Children Learn to Ski? – Camp Keystone, Colorado

Where Do Children Learn to Ski? – Camp Keystone, Colorado

I wasn’t born into skiing. I married a skier. Yeah, we had a mixed marriage for many years. Every time we’d discuss trips for the year he’d try to slip in skiing and every year I’d find something I wanted to do more. Anything. Last year he up and went without me, taking his brother to the mountains instead.

But this year was different. This year we all went. The children are 5 and 7, and James said it was high time they learned how to ski. I wasn’t about to let him take MY BABIES off to a mountain by himself, so I was definitely going to come along.

I’d been to Keystone in the summer, and James had skiied it before. We knew that they had a commitment to families and that kids skied free when you stay in one of their properties. Now that we had the destination selected, only one question remained.Camp Keystone Colorado Ski and Ride School

Where do children learn to ski?

It’s a really important question. Sure, James knows how to ski but James isn’t well known for his patience when giving instruction on physical tasks. Trying to help him pack the car in the IKEA parking lot was horrible – and I’m an adult. (By the way, we joke that we divorce proof our marriage by not shopping at IKEA. We laugh but it is so very, very true.)

Camp Keystone Colorado Ski and Ride SchoolLuckily, Keystone gets that. They have a ski school called “Camp Keystone” that does an excellent job of teaching children how to ski. Our children went from first experience to skiing fairly well in two days of school. Claire was skiing green hills with James the morning before we left. They out performed any expectations I could have possibly had for them.

Each morning, you check your kid in and they are assigned to a group based on their skiing level. If they are at Camp Keystone for 3 days or more, they are guaranteed the same instructor. They work with the instructors until the afternoon when you pick them up.  You can go hit the black diamond slopes — or go back to the lodges and hit the hot tub.Where do Children Learn to Ski?

Things I Learned About Camp Keystone You Might Want to Know

  • Camp Keystone was exponentially busier on Saturday and Sunday than they were during the week.  On Friday it was pretty easy to find the kids when we stopped by to check on their progress.  I’d definitely recommend enrolling them during the week if you can!
  • Learn to ski for children in KeystoneThey group children by ages 3 – 6 and 7 and up and then by skill level.
  • 7 and up beginners seemed to flow through at their own pace better than the 3 – 6 year olds.  Luke didn’t seem to get challenged as much as Claire was, because some in his beginner group weren’t ready to progress.  Again, this seemed like less of an issue during the week than on the busy weekend.
  • The instructors send home a report card every afternoon telling you where your child is in their progress.
  • Camp Keystone is located in the Mountain House area, which is convenient to all the villages.
  • You can rent and store their skis at the school.  That is HUGE!  Skis and ski boots are heavy, and those kiddos aren’t lugging them back to the condo.  Do you really want to carry them back to the lodge if you don’t have to?  We didn’t.
  • Kids that want to snowboard instead of ski can.  There’s a whole track for teaching that.
  • It was a little hard for us to leave them at ski school all day.  It was a departure from what we normally do on a trip.  We enjoy the togetherness and family bonding.  But the skill gain was worth it.  On the day we left, Claire and James took off skiing together on a special family trail and Luke and I hit the ice fort (more on that soon!)
  • You can pick your kids up early if you want to ski together in the afternoon, but it was a little bit of a hassle.  Luke was very easy because he was right next to the school, but Claire was riding lifts and it had to be coordinated in advance.  If you can plan for an extra day to ski together at the end of the trip after Camp Keystone, that might be an easier choice all around.
  • There are frequent “warm up” and bathroom breaks as well as plenty of liquids.  Claire was pretty taken by the hot chocolate.

Camp Keystone - Kids Learn to Ski

Overall, I highly recommend Camp Keystone.  It put the kids on the fast track to being lifelong skiers.  They were well supervised with a low child to adult ratio while James was able to put his lift ticket to good use.

Oh!  How could I forget the most important thing?! The kids recommend it.  They had so much fun.  They were asking when they could go back before we ever hit the Colorado border.

Camp Keystone : Website

 Disclosure – During our visit to Camp Keystone we were guests of Keystone Resort as part of a Kidtopia family weekend.

  1. Tara Cannon 27 January, 2014

    I, too, married a skiier ! My husband is currently trying to convince me to tack on an extra 6 hours of driving to an upcoming itinerary, for 1 day of skiing at a mountain on his bucket list (with kids in the car of course).
    Great tips on Camp Keystone !

    • Amy Moore 29 January, 2014

      Let me know if he wins 🙂 The kids sure did have fun, I’ll have to give him that.