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Where We Get Our Clothes – Cotton Harvest in the Texas Panhandle

Where We Get Our Clothes – Cotton Harvest in the Texas Panhandle

America is mostly urban in the year 2014, and the majority of our children have no idea what a modern farm looks like.  While they might have a cartoonish idea of a farmer with one cow, one pig and a couple of chickens, there are children that don’t know what whole foods looks like.

While there is a growing movement of “farm to table” proponents (or knowing where the whole foods you are preparing was grown), this is not the norm.  And it does not extend to our clothing or other materials.

Do your children know where their clothes come from?

Do they know that natural fibers are grown on a farm?

Do they have any idea what that looks like?

Do you?

While the kids’ grandfather grows cotton, they weren’t harvesting the cotton yet on the days we were there this fall.  But we happened upon some farmers harvesting a little further south in the Panhandle just outside Turkey, Texas and stopped to take a few pictures.  We didn’t stay to see the completed modules, so I added a photo from Sunray from a few years ago so you could see the whole process.

Red dirt and cotton

A full cotton field before harvest begins.

Fall cotton harvest in Texas with a cotton picker

This is a cotton stripper in action. The far section of field has been stripped, the near section has not.

Texas fall cotton harvest machines on the farm

Here’s a front view of the cotton stripper.

The cotton stripper dumps into the boll buggy (this green machine) and it dumps into the module builder.

A stripped field after cotton harvest

Cotton modules in the field in the Texas Panhandle

The modules are bought by the gin, and then covered by a tarp signifying that. They wait in the field until they are picked up.

Next stop?  The cotton gin!

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