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Colorado Road Trip : Snow, The Royal Gorge and Bison

Colorado Road Trip : Snow, The Royal Gorge and Bison

We so rarely take road trips from home, but heading up to Keystone, Colorado this winter we took the car.  The kids were staying with the grandparents, and it just made to most sense to drive and pick them up along the way.

On the way there, we drove a lot of the way in the dark.  However on the way back home, we got to take our time and drive during the day hours.

Like it often does in Colorado in the winter, it was snowing during our trip so we didn’t stop to take too many photos.  But I thought you’d enjoy the ones we did!

Colorado Sun Through Snow Storm , Highway 9

Bison in the snow on a Colorado Farm, Highway 9

The bridge over the Royal Gorge in Colorado from afar

A view of the Royal Gorge

Snow in the Royal Gorge, Colorado Winter

Little Girl at the Royal Gorge Colorado


  1. Patrick Weseman 5 March, 2014

    WOW-those are super good. Very, very nice.

  2. NYC Single Mom 6 March, 2014

    These are amazing photos. Definitely one of my top places to visit.

    • Amy Moore 25 March, 2014

      Thanks! I love this part of the country.

  3. Bethany the ngnrdgrl 6 March, 2014

    Wonderful photos! So impressive. I bet it was amazing to see in person!