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Photo Essay – Beautifully Quaint Quebec City

Photo Essay – Beautifully Quaint Quebec City

Can’t afford to go to Europe? Go to Quebec City.

That’s not officially their slogan, but it should be.

Quebec City is a beautiful, old fashioned city that is far more accessible to the American traveling family than a trip to Europe would be. If you have been wanting to expose your children to something different but the cost of airfare is prohibitive or the idea of trying to keep your children entertained during a flight across the Atlantic scares you, consider Quebec.

French is spoken everywhere. You hear passersby converse in it on the street. The shopkeepers greet you with “Bonjour!” But in every place I went, when I switched to English after a polite greeting in French, they did as well. Whew! That may alleviate another fear. It did for me.

The architecture is different. It feels European. It feels old. It feels… well… quaint.

But the European feel isn’t the only thing that makes the city different. Quebec City is the only walled city in North America north of Mexico. Looking at this premier city of Canada, it is little wonder that Canadians seem more interested in the War of 1812 than Americans. The Ramparts and other fortifications are a constant reminder of the importance of the city positioned above the St Lawrence river.

Take a look, and start making your family’s summer plans to visit.

Changing of the Guard – La Citadelle de Québec

This tree grew up around this cannonball.

Girls walking along the top of the Ramparts of Quebec City

Ramparts of Quebec City

The even the fortifications of Quebec City are beautiful

Quebec City Ornate Iron Gate

Artistry can be found everywhere, and beauty is a priority

Quebec City Horse Drawn Carriage

An old fashioned ride through an old fashioned city

Quebec City Waterfall

Powerful Montmorency Falls from above

Quebec City Fountain

Fontaine de Tourny and Québec’s Parliament

Brick and ivy covered shops in Quebec City

Quaint storefronts in Old Town Quebec City

Street art in Quebec City

Sculptures and fountains are everywhere in the city

Historic district Quebec City

Royal Square in Lower Town in Old Quebec


Disclosure – During my visit to Quebec City, I was a guest of the Quebec City tourism.  But the photos, experiences, and horrible accented French are all mine.