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Travel Gifts for the Graduate – an Inspiration List

Travel Gifts for the Graduate – an Inspiration List

Graduation gifts can be really difficult to buy.  If the gift is for a young person you don’t know all that well, it can be even more difficult.  One great idea is to go with a travel theme.  If travel is something you’ve gained life experience from and you think it’s an invaluable part of education, help spread the travel spark!

Depending on my budget for the gift, I may get one or more of these items to make a package for the graduate.

A Personalized Travel Journal

Personalized Travel Journal

Pair this with a package of quality pens!

Hopefully your graduate will enjoy writing about their travel adventures.  This is one thing I wish I had done more of when I was younger.  I’d enjoy reading about my trips as time goes by and my memories get fuzzier.

This is available at Etsy.


A Travel Book for Their New State

Travel Graduation Gift

What better gift for a grad that is heading out of state for their college experience?  Inspire them to travel and explore during their time there.

They can’t spend every weekend in the dorm after all!

Travel books at Amazon.

Packing Cubes

1344_black_lI didn’t understand packing cubes and folders until I tried them.  They can be indispensible when trying to travel light.  These babies take up practically no room when they aren’t being used (which is important for those living in the dorm) and they keep you organized when you travel.

Using packing cubes I was able to take one roller bag and one backpack for a THREE WEEK trip – with two kids and their stuff in tow!  And that’s including winter coats because we hit Alaska after some time in the Midwest.  Seriously, good stuff here.  It’s hard to buy something so personal as a backpack or roller bag for someone else, but this is a great option.

Packing cubes and folders from Eagle Creek.

Scratch Map

Graduation Travel GiftThis is a fun one!

You can get world or US scratch maps and help your grad keep track of where they have been.  While travel isn’t all about checking a destination off your list, it is pretty fun to see a visual of how much of the world you have been to.

Scratch Map at Uncommon Goods.

Travel Gift Certificate

Graduation Travel GiftThis one will take a bit of thought. You can’t really buy a “Travel Gift Card.” But you can buy a gift card from travel providers. If you think they’ll do a lot of road trips, buy a gas gift card. If they will fly (and you have the budget for it), buy a gift card for an airline. A hotel gift card from one of the large hotel providers works as well.

I think this is more fun than a Visa or AmEx gift card, because you can show your preference that they spend it on travel and not just “stuff.”

A National Parks Pass and Passport

Graduation Travel GiftsThe National Park System may be America’s best idea – and this is a pretty good gift idea in itself!

The Passport is a great way to keep track of your NPS travels – and it’s a lot of fun too! Another wish of mine – I wish I would have kept a Passport through all my visits.

Adding the parks pass will get them free into any National Park in the US for a year.

Gift Set at the America’s National Park e-store.

Let’s hope every graduate this year is inspired to do a little more travel!

None of the links in this post are affiliate links.  Eagle Creek did send me packing cubes and folders in the past.

  1. Elaine Schoch 21 June, 2014

    This is a great idea and I wish someone had given one to me when I graduated so long ago! I haven’t seen the scratch maps before. Thinking these may be Christmas gift for our (very) young travelers.

  2. Lish 8 July, 2014

    I’m gonna start giving the state travel guide, even for those staying in-state. Great idea!