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Visiting the Fort Worth Water Gardens with Kids

Visiting the Fort Worth Water Gardens with Kids

One of the most unique things about Fort Worth is also a hidden family gem. The Fort Worth Water Gardens is located next to the Convention Center Downtown. While you can’t miss the Convention Center, you have to know to look for the Water Gardens.

Built in the 1970’s, the Water Gardens is a beautiful oasis over 4 acres large. It was also the setting for portions of the movie “Logan’s Run.”

water flowing in the water gardens in downtown fort worth

The Fort Worth Water Gardens

I love the place, as do my kids. Visiting the Fort Worth Water Garden with kids can be a very cool experience, but this special place that I love so much could be a problem for a child with sensory issues. Here are a few things to think about!

It is loud.

Fort Worth Water Gardens family with children

The family at the bottom of the Fort Worth Water Garden’s active pool

There’s a whole lot of water flowing in this place and it makes for a lot of sound. I like the roar of the water, especially once I descend into the main pool area. However, that won’t be true of everyone – especially really young kids.

It can be a little scary.

Walking down the steps into the main “active” pool while surrounded by almost 40 foot walls of water can be thrilling, or it can be downright scary. My kids think it is the coolest thing, but an adult friend freaked out.

Memorial at the Fort Worth Water Gardens

It is worth mentioning that there is a memorial here for four people that died in a single incident in 2004. There had been a lot of rain and there was a pump malfunction, and the pooling area at the bottom was nine feet deep. The gardens were renovated to be safer after that happened (and the water at the bottom reduced to two feet), but keep aware of your limitations. If you are alone and have 3 kids under 4 years old without fear and with listening issues, maybe it would be worth it to wait until you have a better adult to child ratio.

There are three pools.

You don’t have to experience the active pool to see the beauty of the gardens. The three areas are the aerating, the quiet and the active pool. While the active pool is the main attraction, the quiet pool is a beautiful place to sit and enjoy a break in the urban landscape.

It is in downtown.

Fort Worth was nicknamed “Panther City” because the rumor was started that Fort Worth was so quiet a panther fell asleep there. We’re definitely a more happening place now, but it remains a safe place to be. Families flock to Sundance Square after the recent renovation, even after dark, and there is amazing places to eat all around you.

But it is downtown. You may be approached by people asking for money. While you can use this as a teaching moment for whatever you wish to teach your children, sometimes if you aren’t used to people approaching you it can be a little rattling. Just a heads up.

Fort Worth Water Gardens Aerating Pool Lit Up at Night

The Aerating Pool at Night

There are animals.

Keep your eyes open for animals. There are squirrels here, but I was overly excited when I saw raccoons here one night. Growing up in Fort Worth a raccoon was a rare sight, so even as an adult I think it is cool when I see one.

Where Are the Fort Worth Water Gardens?

  1. Lush 8 July, 2014

    I want to see this!

  2. Amanda Her 16 July, 2014

    That Water Garden is gorgeous! I can’t wait to visit the Dallas/Ft. Worth area one day!