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Coming Soon! Traveling in Alaska’s Denali During the Road Lottery

Coming Soon! Traveling in Alaska’s Denali During the Road Lottery

During most of the year, Alaska’s jewel of a National Park – Denali – is accessible by paid shuttle. You buy a ticket, you get on, and you get off at designated drop points.

Like all of Alaska, Denali can be a dangerous place. There are bears and moose that you don’t want to get near, and rugged expanses that you don’t want to try to traverse unless you know what you are doing. While I wouldn’t hesitate to go to Denali with kids (prepared!), I would be very selective about how much we actually visited.

Denali National Park

BUT… The National Park Service offers the chance at a few passes the weekend after the shuttles end in Denali. This year it is Sept 12 – 15, which is a week or two earlier than most years. I entered with a $10 entry fee, and won! So we are headed to Denali next month.

This means we’ll be able to drive as far as we can on the Denali road system in a personal car. I hope to see all kinds of wildlife and crazy beauty during this trip. If you remember, last year I was in the air above Denali, but I didn’t get to put my boots on the ground there. This changes in a month! I’m beyond excited.

Denali National Park Alaska

This will be my fourth trip to Alaska in five years, and the kids’ third. They love Alaska so much, and it’s great to watch them grow as we return year after year. This year they will be 6 and 7 during our visit, and I’m hoping they create a few permanent memories.

Look for more photos and a full writeup soon after we return. I can’t wait!