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Photos : Animals in Denali National Park, Alaska

Photos : Animals in Denali National Park, Alaska

This fall, I found my new favorite national park – Denali. It is 4.7 million acres of wilderness, and are so many animals in Denali National Park. Denali was the first national park created specifically to protect wildlife. The “Big Five” of Denali are Grizzlies, Moose, Caribou, Wolves and Dall’s Sheep.

Moose and baby in Denali National Park, Alaska

We saw all of these, except caribou, during our visit. I’m not quite sure where the caribou were hanging out, but some how we missed seeing them. We’ve seen quite a bit of them in our travels in Alaska, just not during our Denali adventure.

Moose in Denali National Park During Road Lottery

We were really lucky to see the wolves. They were far from the road and we only saw them via a scope. That was the one thing Luke really wanted to see, so I’m glad we got a chance to see them even from the distance. According to the Denali newspaper they gave us at the entrance, wolf sightings have declined a lot in the past few years.

Grizzly Bear Smiling in Denali National Park, Alaska

All of these photos were taken from the road during Denali’s fall Road Lottery. While I’d love to do some hiking there, being able to see all these animals – particularly bears – makes backcountry hiking a terrifying thought for me. Maybe one summer we’ll come back and try to test our luck. There are 300 – 350 grizzlies in the park. We saw 10 of them!

Grizzly and baby bear in Denali National Park, Alaska

If you are wanting to give your family a unique animal experience, then Denali National Park should definitely be on your shortlist. It was an amazing experience we won’t forget.

Red Fox in Denali National Park, Alaska during fall road lottery

Grizzly bear in fall at Denali National Park, Alaska

Dall's Sheep in Denali National Park, Alaska

Animal watching in Denali National Park during Road Lottery