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Photo : A Glacial Lake in Alaska

Photo : A Glacial Lake in Alaska

Yes, it really is that blue. Lakes of glacier melt water are this vivid color. The blue-green color is part mineral, part algae and all gorgeous!

This photo is part of a walking trail near Portage Glacier called the Trail of Blue Ice.

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  1. Merlinda Little (@pixiedusk) 11 November, 2014

    Such amazing photo. Nature and science is just stunning! I wish I can see this personally!

  2. stevebethere 11 November, 2014

    That is a lovely photo and beautiful colour blue 🙂

  3. Life in Pieces 11 November, 2014


  4. Beth F 12 November, 2014


  5. Molly 12 November, 2014

    The blue of the water is absolutely amazing