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Living Like a Local : Fall in Fort Worth Edition

Living Like a Local : Fall in Fort Worth Edition

We haven’t traveled much this fall. After our visit to Alaska, we’ve settled down into a groove here at home. My husband is switching airlines and planes which is great! But it has left us in almost limbo. He’s in training, and a everything is a bit out of sync.

Fall in Texas is an interesting time. There are cold snaps and 85 degree days, often back to back. The trees are gorgeous at their peak, and if there was ever a great time to stay home it would be fall!

“Living Like a Local” is always a funny idea to me. People pay lots of money when they travel for an “authentic” local experience. I love my life, but I can’t help but think anyone blowing their travel budget living like me would want their money back 🙂

Although anyone wanting to book this vacation package can go ahead and make their check right out to me.

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Several hikes have been taken at Eagle Mountain Park