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A Day at the Dallas Zoo

A Day at the Dallas Zoo

Winter in Texas is crazy. Here I am on Monday, completely iced in my house. The temperature is 25 degrees, and I’m not even attempting to venture out.

Thursday we went to the Dallas Zoo. It was in the 60s and absolutely beautiful.

Gorilla at the Dallas Zoo Eating

The Dallas Zoo understands this and tries to use it to their advantage with “Penguin Days.” In the months of January and February admission to the zoo is only $5 a person.

It was a great day at the Zoo. We walked until our feet were “going to explode” according to Luke, but we saw a lot of animals and learned a lot about what we were seeing. With a 106 acres and over 2,000 animals, we expected a tiring day. And Claire? Claire was stoked she got to see a koala and a tiger “all in one day!!”

Dallas Zoo Giraffes and Baby

Feeding Giraffes

One of the coolest things ever is feeding a giraffe. They are SO tall, but the Dallas Zoo gets you right up at eye level with them.

Feeding the Giraffes at the Dallas Zoo

Closeup of Giraffe Eating Lettuce at the Dallas Zoo

Differences between the Dallas Zoo and Fort Worth Zoo

I really felt like I was being nickled and dimed to death at the Dallas Zoo. Everything cost extra. The train, the carousel and the lorikeet feedings are extra at the Fort Worth Zoo, but there’s more at Dallas. There’s a monorail (closed “for the season”), pony rides, and feeding the giraffes…. I know there were more that I can’t remember right now. It was tiring to see place after place asking for more money. It was less of an issue with the $5 admission, but regular admission is steep!

Giraffe with long tongue hanging out at Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo gets your technically closer to some of the dangerous animals, but there visual barriers. The Fort Worth Zoo feels more open, but the Dallas Zoo has more glass enclosures – some with chain-link fences across the glass. You can’t feed a giraffe at the Fort Worth Zoo and that’s about as close as you can get to an animal, so I guess it is all about what you prefer.

Baby Chimpanzee at the Dallas Zoo

Where is the Dallas Zoo?