Photo Adventure – Religious Art at Spain’s Vall de Nuria in the Pyrenees

Vall de Nuria is a beautiful valley in the Girona province of Spain, nestled in the Pyrenees mountains.  Only about a mile from Spanish border with France, the only way to the valley is by riding a train up a cog railway.  The teeth of the wheels mesh into the teeth of the rails to […]

Photo of the Week : The Beach at Llafranc in the Costa Brava Region of Spain

Costa Brava may mean “rugged coast” but that doesn’t preclude it from having pretty awesome beaches.  This is the beach at Llafranc along a portion of the Cami de Ronda.  Originally a footpath connecting villages that helped spread news along the coast of smugglers and pirates, it is now a beautiful pathway tourists and locals […]

Autumn on the Costa Brava – Girona Spain

In October, I spoke at TBEX in Girona Spain. It was my first time out of the US except for a couple brief trips to Canada. You can read more about getting my first passport stamp here. I was pretty busy during most of my time in Girona with the conference, but I did get […]

My Top Five Favorite Experiences of 2012

I’ve been able to do quite a bit of traveling this year, and I am very thankful for all the experiences I’ve had. But there are a few standout experiences I wanted to share.