Traveling Back in Time to the Cold War at the Titan Missile Museum in Arizona

I’ve always had a fascination with the Cold War.  I wasn’t alive for the majority of it, but when I was a kid Russia (or the USSR as it was called then, children) still had a lot of mystique.  I remember vividly sleeping in the Soviet Space exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum of Science […]

Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site on Hawaii’s Big Island

Our visit to Hawaii was a fantastic experience. We definitely experienced modern Hawaiian culture, explored the outdoors and we ate the best tasting local food. What we were lacking was experiencing Hawaiian history. Luckily the last day of our stay we visited Puukohola Heiau National Historical Site. When you visit this site, you walk in […]

Kissing Texas Longhorns at Copper Breaks State Park

I was afraid we’d miss seeing the Texas Longhorn at Copper Breaks.  They only have a ranger showing a few times a month on Saturdays, and we were late leaving Amarillo that morning.  Copper Breaks is located just outside of the town of Quanah,Texas otherwise known as “that town halfway between Fort Worth and Amarillo” […]

No, There is Not a Problem with Children : Poor Parenting on Airplanes

I am so very tired of reading about the problem with children on airplanes.  Everyone seems to have a story about these horrible children that sat next to them/behind them and made their eight hour flight a living hell.  “Won’t someone do something?  Ban the children!” is their rallying cry. Sorry, guys, that is wrong. […]

Travel Tip : Cheap Beach Souvenirs – Name Photos

I’ve found that the more you travel, the less souvenirs you bring home.  You can only have so many trinkets and do-dads, and buying overpriced stuff for no reason other than you were there at that moment loses appeal.  If you don’t limit it, your house will look like this “bachelor’s bedroom” covered in action figures.  Not […]