Visiting Montezuma’s Castle and Well National Monument, Arizona

America is a relatively young nation. So many of our oldest historical buildings are laughed at by the ones in Europe or Asia, being merely children in comparison. Of course, the Native Americans were here before the Pilgrims, but very few of their structures have survived through the centuries. Arizona, however, is a treasure trove […]

Texas Rangers Spring Training Baseball : A Tradition in the Making!

We were lucky that our recent Arizona trip coincided with Spring Training Baseball for our team, the Texas Rangers!  While catching a game meant that we had to skip a couple of planned stops, we bought general admission lawn tickets and altered our schedule. For most of my life, baseball has been my favorite sport […]

My Daughter’s Royal Birthday at Medieval Times in Dallas, Texas

My daughter, Claire, is a big fan of all things knights and wizardry.  She is very fond of the BBC show Merlin, and she recently changed her coveted grown-up occupation to “Girl Knight.”  When her sixth birthday rolled around, it only made sense to take her to the only place you can regularly see knights […]

Friday Five! : Five Things That Limit Our Family’s Travel

Every Friday I’ll take on a fun travel related topic in Friday Five!  This week I’m talking about things in our life that keeps our family from traveling. #5 – School I know this is probably at the top of most families’ lists.  For us, however, this is near the bottom. We are homeschooling our […]

Visiting Washita Battlefield National Historic Site in Oklahoma

Washita Battlefield National Historic Site is the site of an attack of a Cheyenne village by the US Cavalry. At dawn on November 27, 1868 Lt. Col Custer (remember him?) attacked a sleeping village lead by Peace Chief Black Kettle.  It is located in rural Oklahoma northwest of the town of Elk City. It is […]