Expert Advice : Why Traveling With Children Should Not Be Feared

When I had my daughter, I remember people telling me I would no longer be able to travel.  Here I am, six years later, and I’ve found that to be untrue.  In fact, I find myself traveling with children far more now than I did previously. But I’m the exception, not the rule.  I look […]

Remembering the Dumas Sunray Disaster in 1956

We are headed back to the panhandle of Texas following a death in the family today.  While this is a family disaster of sorts, heading to the area in such a somber mood brought my mind a sad historical event that brought the tiny area notoriety. Driving into the Sunray and Dumas area, you can’t help […]

Is This Your First Flight, Little Girl? Thoughts on Raising the Daughter of a Pilot

My daughter was asked this question on one of the last flights we took, and I know she’s been asked it before. “Is this your first flight, little girl?” the flight attendant asks. “No,” Claire answers.  But she’s not sure what to say next.  She’s six and she’s still unsure in conversations with strange adults. […]

Why Taking Photos on Family Trips is Hard : Outtakes of a 4 Year Old

It is rare I don’t take the kids with me on a trip. I like my children and I like traveling with them and I miss them when I travel alone. I also think the lessons learned while traveling are invaluable. Plus, they have fun… right? But, taking pictures during family travel is difficult. Lining […]

Visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial with Young Children

I remember. I was 15 at the time, and homeschooled, so I watched days of coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. I was old enough to grasp the enormity of the event and the tragedy being felt by the families affected. All those memories started flowing back as we visited the Oklahoma City […]