Visiting Kodiak, Alaska’s Past, Present and Future – Part Two

(Read Falling in Love with Kodiak – Part One) I am not sure what happened between the 1940’s and the 1990’s, but somewhere along the way the story of Alaska and World War II became lost to the public.  While I knew about the Japanese-American interments in California, I did not know about the forcible evacuation and internment of […]

Falling in Love with Kodiak, Alaska – Part One

For months I had been planning my summer trip to Kodiak, Alaska and I was excited.  I told everyone I ran into that I was headed there, and without exception they questioned me on my choice of destinations.  I was somewhat at a loss – there was no particular reason I could point to.  Somewhere […]

Friday Five! – Five Ways I Choose a Destination

There’s been a lot of talk about how to choose a destination lately.  It is almost Spring Break, and families are trying to escape the bleakness of winter and head to different surroundings.  We rarely travel during Spring Break.  Since we fly standby for most of our trips, we try to travel as off-peak as […]

Why I Couldn’t Care Less About TSA Letting Knives Back on Planes

I am often critical of the reactionary policies of TSA. They tend to overreact to threats, and I don’t think it is effective or efficient. Let’s think back to 2006 when TSA received what was called a credible threat about terrorists using liquids to basically make a bomb in flight. What does TSA do? They […]

Visiting Montezuma’s Castle and Well National Monument, Arizona

America is a relatively young nation. So many of our oldest historical buildings are laughed at by the ones in Europe or Asia, being merely children in comparison. Of course, the Native Americans were here before the Pilgrims, but very few of their structures have survived through the centuries. Arizona, however, is a treasure trove […]