Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado

The Sangre de Cristo Mountains are easily my favorite mountains in the United States, and have been since I was little. I’ve stayed in them in both New Mexico and Colorado, but I’d never traveled to Great Sand Dunes National Park which comes up against the range. The sand dunes here are different than the […]

Staying in the Sheep Mountain Fire Lookout in Bighorn National Forest, WY : A Trip Report

You begin the trek to Sheep Mountain Fire Lookout with your car climbing through the trees of Bighorn National Forest in north central Wyoming. The drive is beautiful but slow as you gain in elevation. It is a good thing to go slow because there are deer everywhere! You do not want to hit one, especially […]

The Denali Road Lottery – Denali National Park

Denali National Park is hard to explain in words. It is huge, gorgeous, natural, thrilling, amazing…. I hear the words “once in a lifetime” connected to Denali pretty often. But after being there, I really hope that isn’t true. It is a place I want to visit over and over. I think that’s how a […]

Centennial Lakes in Edina, Minnesota

Besides being beautiful in the summer, Minneapolis is logistically an interesting city. In most cities I’m familiar with, there is a large city with small suburbs and it can only be described as sprawl. Minneapolis proper is actually pretty small, and it is ringed by smaller suburb cities. Those smaller suburb cities are surrounded by […]

A Visit to Greenville Cypress Preserve in Mississippi

The Mississippi River Delta ecosystem is an interesting place, teeming with life. While the people of the area have a vibrant culture and rich history, the plants and animals are worth spending time with as well. One of the most unique urban parks we’ve ever visited is the Mississippi Cypress Preserve in Greenville, Mississippi. We drove out […]