Explora Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque is a mix of old and new, and the Old Town area is no exception. While you can feel the rich history of the area, you can also find places that are modern and on the cutting edge. The Explora Museum is that. Take a science museum, make everything hands on and an absolute […]

Where We Get Our Clothes – Cotton Harvest in the Texas Panhandle

America is mostly urban in the year 2014, and the majority of our children have no idea what a modern farm looks like.  While they might have a cartoonish idea of a farmer with one cow, one pig and a couple of chickens, there are children that don’t know what whole foods looks like. While […]

Where Do Children Learn to Ski? – Camp Keystone, Colorado

I wasn’t born into skiing. I married a skier. Yeah, we had a mixed marriage for many years. Every time we’d discuss trips for the year he’d try to slip in skiing and every year I’d find something I wanted to do more. Anything. Last year he up and went without me, taking his brother […]

Petroglyph National Monument and Boca Negra Canyon, Albuquerque

The very first thing I do when I plan a trip is sit down and plot out the National Park Sites.  That is especially true in the Southwest.  There is a lot of very beautiful and historic publicly owned land! Unfortunately, our Albuquerque visit for the Balloon Fiesta coincided with the government shutdown in October […]

Taking a Ride on the Polar Express with the Texas State Railroad in Palestine

“One thing about trains: It doesn’t matter where they’re going. What matters is deciding to get on.” – The Conductor in Polar Express When Claire was a slightly smaller version of herself, she loved watching the Polar Express movie.  Actually, “loved” isn’t a strong enough word for it.  She watched it over and over, day […]