Sailing in the Mediterranean near Palamos, Spain

I don’t have a bucket list, but I am tempted to start one. If I did, right at the top I would write “Sailing in the Mediterranean!” … Then I’d mark it off. I haven’t done a lot of sailing. Turns out it is a lot like glider flying, except there is more wind and […]

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

It is rare that I find an attraction that I can recommend without any reservations.  However, I can excitedly exclaim “you HAVE to go to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!” if you tell me you are headed to Anchorage with your children.  It’s a fantastic place you will not regret going out of your way […]

Titanic : The Artifact Exhibition at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

People are often surprised by the amount of cool exhibits and culture we are able to experience in Fort Worth.  While we’re often overshadowed by Dallas, Fort Worth is a great city in it’s own right.  The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is one of the great institutions in the city that strive […]

Captaining a Boat in Florida

When we were in Tampa, Florida we took a dolphin cruise.  It was definitely a fun time.  But, one of the things the kids remember best is when they got to “drive” the boat. Important lesson the kids learned? Always say yes when someone asks you if you want to drive 🙂

Fort Worth’s Miniature Train in Trinity Park – The Forest Park Railroad

Truly a Fort Worth tradition since it was opened in 1959, generations of families have rode the rails along the Trinity River and through Forest and Trinity Parks on the Forest Park Miniature Railroad. I love when we head down to ride the train. One of my favorite places in Fort Worth is Trinity Park. […]