Top Five Reasons You Should Stop Avoiding Iowa in Your Travels

I asked around when I was in Iowa.  Turns out, family members don’t like to visit their loved ones in Iowa.  There’s this preconceived notion that Iowa is a boring destination that isn’t worth the time or money to go to – even if their family lives there. What?! Do you have any idea what […]

Fort Worth is One of the Worst Places to Visit? Were Your Eyes Closed?

Travel bloggers are big on making lists. Best places they’ve been, greatest places to get food, even the poshest bathrooms in the world. Sometimes they are a little more negative, and talk about the worsts. One published today listed the worst places in the world to travel – and listed Fort Worth as one of […]

Let Me Tell You About My Mountains – Hermit’s Peak and El Cielo in New Mexico

The Sangre de Cristo mountains are my happy spot. I spent quite a bit of time there when I was a teenager at a church camp, and now whenever I think about my favorite place on earth my mind transports me back. In particular, my mind takes me to this beautiful meadow on the top […]

Free Fun in the Minneapolis Riverfront District, Minnesota

One of the things I love the most about Minneapolis is that there are so many great things to do outside – for free!  One of the best areas to visit during a trip there for free fun is the Minneapolis Riverfront District. Spanning both sides of the Mississippi River, the Minneapolis Riverfront District is […]

Photo Adventure – Prescott, ON and Fort Wellington : Party Like It’s 1812

During my month long visit to Ontario this summer, one of my favorite parts of the trip was a short roadtrip in the 1000 Islands area along the St. Lawrence River. I visited Thousand Islands National Park, and explored some of the historical sites along the way. This area played a pivotal role in the […]