Coming Soon! Traveling in Alaska’s Denali During the Road Lottery

During most of the year, Alaska’s jewel of a National Park – Denali – is accessible by paid shuttle. You buy a ticket, you get on, and you get off at designated drop points. Like all of Alaska, Denali can be a dangerous place. There are bears and moose that you don’t want to get […]

How Diverse is Texas? Ten Photos to Show You How!

For a while the Texas tourism tagline was that Texas was “like a whole other country!” In a lot of ways, it really is. From the dry landscapes of West Texas to the swamps in the east, the Texas landscape varies greatly. But it is not all empty space! Texas has been a large contributor […]

Downtown Dallas at Dawn

As much as I love Fort Worth, I have to admit that Dallas has an iconic skyline.  From the easily recognizable Reunion Tower to the relatively new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, Dallas is quite the city. James and I took a rare childfree weekend and spent it exploring downtown Dallas.  We headed out before dawn […]

Blown Away at Monahans Sandhills State Park, Texas

If I were going to sum up West Texas in two words, those words would be “dirt” and “wind.”  In far West Texas, there are several beautiful exceptions, but most of it is a lot of dirt and wind. Not Monahans Sandhills State Park. It is sand and wind. That’s James and I while I […]

Visiting the Fort Worth Water Gardens with Kids

One of the most unique things about Fort Worth is also a hidden family gem. The Fort Worth Water Gardens is located next to the Convention Center Downtown. While you can’t miss the Convention Center, you have to know to look for the Water Gardens. Built in the 1970’s, the Water Gardens is a beautiful […]