Travel Gifts for the Graduate – an Inspiration List

Graduation gifts can be really difficult to buy.  If the gift is for a young person you don’t know all that well, it can be even more difficult.  One great idea is to go with a travel theme.  If travel is something you’ve gained life experience from and you think it’s an invaluable part of […]

Roswell, New Mexico – Quirky or Tourist Trap?

I wanted to like Roswell.  Really. Overall, New Mexico is one of my favorite states.  It has such variety, from the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains (pictured) and the rugged Sandias to desolate desert. It also has a lot of quirkiness.  There’s quirky places all over the US, but New Mexico seems to have more per […]

Spring in Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas

While on our way to the Trinity Site in New Mexico, I poured over our route.  Texas… well. Texas is big. And while I’ve been to a lot of it, I had never traveled to the West Texas area near El Paso. It is sometimes called “Big Bend Country” after our flashiest national park. But Big […]

Visiting the Trinity Site at White Sands – The Site of the First Nuclear Bomb Blast

The year was 1945.  The United States and the rest of the world had been at war for years, and the casualties were mounting.  After defeating Germany, all eyes turned to the Pacific theater.  America was making headway in the hopscotch war for tiny islands, and the top brass was beginning plans for an invasion […]

Photo Essay – Beautifully Quaint Quebec City

Can’t afford to go to Europe? Go to Quebec City. That’s not officially their slogan, but it should be. Quebec City is a beautiful, old fashioned city that is far more accessible to the American traveling family than a trip to Europe would be. If you have been wanting to expose your children to something […]