Ten Reasons Solo Travel Rules

I have arrived home from my epic Canadian adventure, and am continuing to ruminate about my experiences in my first real solo travel experience. I was taking a mommy break and traveled alone while the children visited the grandparents. Since I talked about how solo travel sucks last week, this week I’ll tell you how […]

Ten Reasons Why Traveling Solo Sucks

My epic Canadian journey is drawing to a close.  After almost a full month, I’m headed home on Saturday.  I am ready to be home.  I’ve lost all kinds of things I needed along the way, including myself. I’m ready to be home in familiar surroundings and sleep in my own cozy bed. As you […]

Mama! I Have Kemah in My Face! – The Kemah Boardwalk, Texas

Looking back at the brief time I lived in Houston over a decade ago, Kemah was a bright spot. When we decided to spend a few days in the Houston/Galveston area, I knew we’d need to spend some time at the Kemah Boardwalk. In fact, it was the first place we headed when we got […]

Scoot Your Boots Out of Houston! – A Daytrip to Galveston, Texas

When you are visiting Houston, you can only put up with your kids nagging you to go to the Gulf for so long.  It doesn’t matter how much culture or knowledge you pack in those little brains it seems that all they want is to hit the beach! We were only in Galveston for a […]

Finding a Bit of Norway in the Last Frontier – A Short Visit to Petersburg, Alaska

I didn’t plan on visiting Petersburg at all on my trip, so when my ferry docked in port an hour early on its way to Wrangell I had no expectations. I just knew I was hungry and I might as well find something to eat on solid ground. Speaking of eating, it was interesting to […]