Battleship Texas State Historical Site in Houston

Texas is sometimes known as the Land of Contrasts. It is so big, and contains so many different experiences for the visitor. Not only are the regions and cities starkly different, but also the state park sites. Sure, Texas has the more traditional lake and nature sites that you’d expect in a state park. It […]

Far Out Fun at NASA’s Space Center Houston

Space.  The final frontier.  From the time I was my children’s ages until now,  the pursuit of man into space has always had a strange hold over me.  While I want my kids to be passionate about things that interest them, I am constantly trying to find ways to bring science and astronomy into our […]

Highway 45 Pitstop – Ginormous Sam Houston Statue in Huntsville, Texas

When I say ginormous, I mean GINORMOUS.  This statue is 67 feet tall. If you are approaching the statue from the north, you have to exit far before you see the statue.  Don’t worry, there are signs.  We winded and wove through the feeder road to the visitor center.  You can’t see it from the […]

All Hail the Power of Niagara Falls, Ontario

If you look at the bucket lists of any North American traveler, Niagara Falls has to be on it. It may not be the largest waterfall in the world, but it is definitely one of the most famous. The size and intensity of water flow has made Niagara Falls a place that draws travelers to […]

Ten Reasons Solo Travel Rules

I have arrived home from my epic Canadian adventure, and am continuing to ruminate about my experiences in my first real solo travel experience. I was taking a mommy break and traveled alone while the children visited the grandparents. Since I talked about how solo travel sucks last week, this week I’ll tell you how […]