Visiting the Vast Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

2016 is an important year for the National Park Service marking their 100th birthday. National Parks truly were America’s “best idea” and I urge you to get out and visit as many as you can, including those that are off the beaten path. This past summer we did just that when we had the opportunity […]

A Visit to Greenville Cypress Preserve in Mississippi

The Mississippi River Delta ecosystem is an interesting place, teeming with life. While the people of the area have a vibrant culture and rich history, the plants and animals are worth spending time with as well. One of the most unique urban parks we’ve ever visited is the Mississippi Cypress Preserve in Greenville, Mississippi. We drove out […]

Feeding Reindeer at the Reindeer Farm in Palmer, Alaska

Two of the coolest things for me about Alaska are the grandiose landscapes and the interesting wildlife. Unless you are hiking into the wild, it can be hard to experience both of those at the same time. For families with small children not familiar with Alaska, hiking into the wild is not really practical (or […]

Photo Adventure : Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge in the Winter, Oklahoma

Our May trip to the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge was one of the most visually stunning experiences I’ve had in this part of the country.  There were beautiful yellow flowers everywhere and the baby bison were amazing to see. As we drove back from the Panhandle at Christmas, we made a detour back through the […]

Photo of the Week : Bee on a Flower in the Dallas Arboretum’s Children’s Adventure Garden, Texas

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