Friday Five! – Five of My Favorite Animal Photos from the Fort Worth Zoo

I’ve written about the Fort Worth Zoo before, and I’ve had a yearly family membership there for the past four years.  That means we head there pretty frequently.  But why shouldn’t we?  It is the best zoo in Texas! This Friday, here are five of my favorite animal photos that I’ve taken at the Fort […]

Where to Go in Fort Worth with Kids

Fort Worth is a vibrant city that is often overshadowed by the larger city of Dallas. But Fort Worth is a cultural experience in it’s own right! Fort Worth has a much different feel. It’s been said that if Dallas is the last city of the East, Fort Worth is the first city of the […]

Kissing Texas Longhorns at Copper Breaks State Park

I was afraid we’d miss seeing the Texas Longhorn at Copper Breaks.  They only have a ranger showing a few times a month on Saturdays, and we were late leaving Amarillo that morning.  Copper Breaks is located just outside of the town of Quanah,Texas otherwise known as “that town halfway between Fort Worth and Amarillo” […]

Photo Adventure – Fort Worth Stockyards

I won’t lie.  I’m more than a little passionate about Fort Worth.  It has been my home for a combined 25 years, and it is and will always be my hometown.  Our family could live anywhere in the United States, and we choose to live in Fort Worth.  It seems like the city is undergoing […]

Visiting Sea World San Antonio in the Winter – A Good Idea?

We visited Sea World in San Antonio in early January.  It was cold by San Antonio standards – in the forties.  While it wasn’t too awful since we had fantastic coats on, I felt really bad for the people that got wet during the Killer Whale show.  They must have frozen while they dried off! […]