Photo of the Week : Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming

The Devil’s Tower monolith that rises out of the grassland of Wyoming north of the town of Gillette has baffled geologists for centuries.  While no one knows exactly how it came about, it has inspired thousands to climb to the top of this magnificent rock formation. Sacred to the Lakota, most of the surrounding tribes called the […]

How to Use Your Hand to Identify the Five Types of Alaska Salmon

If you visit Alaska during the summer season there is a good chance you can find a creek or river to watch the salmon run.  Most salmon in Alaska live mostly in the saltwater ocean.  When they are mature and it is time for them to reproduce, they “run up” freshwater rivers in the salmon […]

The Time I Almost Got Eaten By a Bear in Katmai National Park, Alaska

I promised my grandmother before I went to Alaska’s Kodiak Island that I wouldn’t go near the bears.  Unlike most tourists to the area, the bears weren’t really my thing.  There were so many other reasons I wanted to head to Kodiak, the impressive Kodiak bears just weren’t part of the equation I assured her. […]

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

It is rare that I find an attraction that I can recommend without any reservations.  However, I can excitedly exclaim “you HAVE to go to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center!” if you tell me you are headed to Anchorage with your children.  It’s a fantastic place you will not regret going out of your way […]