Canada’s Park for the People – Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto, Ontario

National Parks, often called America’s Best Idea, were a great idea for Canada as well.  Very soon after the first National Park in America was established, Canada designated Banff their first National Park as well.  While Banff is well known, Canada has over 40 national parks at this time. Even though they have a fantastic […]

Yes, Texas Has Beaches! Playing in the Sand at Galveston Island State Park

Texas is usually known for barbecue, longhorn cows and western wear.  Even though Texas has a long coastline, I don’t think people think a lot about the coastal region.  People fly to California, Florida and Hawaii for the beaches, right?  Not Texas! There are several great beaches in Texas where the Gulf of Mexico crashes onto […]

Hiking Hermit’s Peak in New Mexico

Legendary Hermit’s Peak – Near Las Vegas, NM The area around Las Vegas, New Mexico is stunning.  The Sangre de Cristo mountains dip into the little northern corner of the state, giving us a beautiful landscape of evergreen mountains and sparkling streams. This area of the country is my favorite, after staying here during the […]