Petroglyph National Monument and Boca Negra Canyon, Albuquerque

The very first thing I do when I plan a trip is sit down and plot out the National Park Sites.  That is especially true in the Southwest.  There is a lot of very beautiful and historic publicly owned land! Unfortunately, our Albuquerque visit for the Balloon Fiesta coincided with the government shutdown in October […]

Photo Adventure – Prescott, ON and Fort Wellington : Party Like It’s 1812

During my month long visit to Ontario this summer, one of my favorite parts of the trip was a short roadtrip in the 1000 Islands area along the St. Lawrence River. I visited Thousand Islands National Park, and explored some of the historical sites along the way. This area played a pivotal role in the […]

Canada’s Park for the People – Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto, Ontario

National Parks, often called America’s Best Idea, were a great idea for Canada as well.  Very soon after the first National Park in America was established, Canada designated Banff their first National Park as well.  While Banff is well known, Canada has over 40 national parks at this time. Even though they have a fantastic […]

Puukohola Heiau National Historic Site on Hawaii’s Big Island

Our visit to Hawaii was a fantastic experience. We definitely experienced modern Hawaiian culture, explored the outdoors and we ate the best tasting local food. What we were lacking was experiencing Hawaiian history. Luckily the last day of our stay we visited Puukohola Heiau National Historical Site. When you visit this site, you walk in […]

Visiting Montezuma’s Castle and Well National Monument, Arizona

America is a relatively young nation. So many of our oldest historical buildings are laughed at by the ones in Europe or Asia, being merely children in comparison. Of course, the Native Americans were here before the Pilgrims, but very few of their structures have survived through the centuries. Arizona, however, is a treasure trove […]